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How to unlock the Rytec AMR in Modern Warfare and Warzone


Unbelievable Rytekkers.

The Rytec AMR is a unique new sniper rifle in Modern Warfare and Warzone, but you’ll need to fulfil some requirements to unlock it. Here’s some tips.

We like the Rytec AMR a lot. It feels very different to the HDR and AX-50 but keeps that one-shot kill ability the two slow-firing rifles have. The Rytec AMR is somewhat similar to Modern Warfare 2’s Barrett .50 Cal, so if you liked that weapon, the Rytec AMR will be right up your street.

How to unlock the Rytec AMR in Modern Warfare and Warzone

It’s a bit of a pain to unlock, but in order to get the Rytec AMR you must do the following:

Get 3 quickscope kills in 15 different matches.

3 kills doesn’t sound like a lot, but this challenge can take a while, particularly since it requires separate matches to pull off. It’s well worth grabbing a marksman rifle and heading into Shoot the Ship (or whatever small-map game mode is available at time of reading) for a few matches. Here’s our quickscope class of choice for unlocking the Rytec AMR:

Primary Weapon – Kar98k

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Tac Laser
  • Viper Reflex Sight
  • Stippled Grip Tape
  • Sleight of Hand

The rest of the class doesn’t matter a huge amount, but here’s the list of perks we liked using during a small-map situation like this:

  • Double Time
  • High Alert
  • Battle Hardened

Unfortunately, if you’re a Warzone player the unlock requirements are the same. You’ll have to either play extremely well for 15 games or wait for a free Multiplayer event to come up in the playlists.

We also found out that you can leave a game after getting your 3 kills and it’ll still unlock – you don’t have to finish every single match.

Now you’ve unlocked the Rytec HDR, head into a match and give it a go! We’ve also got more tips, such as troubleshooting the ‘Install Suspended’ error, as well as advice on unlocking akimbo dual-wielding.

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