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How to unlock the Striker 45 in Warzone


You've got to strike first.

The Striker 45 is a powerhouse SMG with strong damage and a slower fire rate, making it great for short to mid range engagements. In this guide we’ll explain how to unlock it for use in Warzone.

The Striker 45 was originally locked behind Season 2’s Battle Pass, but now it’s out there for anyone to unlock. If you’re new to the game, you’re probably wondering how to get your hands on it.

In a similar vein to the Grau, RAM-7, and more, there’s a specific in-game challenge you need to complete in order to unlock the Striker 45 for use in Warzone (and MW Multiplayer).

Here’s how to get it.

How to unlock the Striker 45 for Warzone

To unlock the Striker 45, you need to kill two players while sliding in 15 different matches.

Sure, you can complete this challenge in Warzone, but it’s going to be far, far easier if you own Modern Warfare as its multiplayer modes offer far greater kill opportunities.

If you’re serious about unlocking the Striker 45, RAM-7, Grau, and many others, we’d highly recommend picking up Modern Warfare as it’ll make completing their challenges and earning XP so much easier.

To kick things off, we’d recommend selecting an SMG with a high fire rate and decent ammo capacity. Something like the MP5, MP7, P90, or the Fennec if you’ve unlocked it. We’d also recommend the Double Time perk to give you some extra sprinting time, which’ll come in handy when you’re dashing about the map, sliding about, and attempting to secure those kills.

Another thing to bear in mind is attachments. If your SMG supports a laser of some kind, as well as Merc Foregrip, don’t be afraid to bung those on as they’ll increase your hip fire accuracy – incredibly important when you’re sliding at enemies.

It’s then a case of queueing into a game mode replete with players and respawns. If the likes of Shoot the Ship, Shipment 24/7 or Rust 24/7 are live, then absolutely queue into these. The smaller and more frantic the map, the better.

Make sure you’re dashing and sliding around corners. Slide into buildings, attempt to slide at enemies if possible. This is going to be painful and likely result in a horrific K/DA, but stick it out and you’ll get the job done eventually.

You can always check if you’ve progressed by heading into the loadout edit menu mid-game.

That’s how to unlock the Striker 45, but make sure you check out our Best Guns page for more info on the best weapons in the game. Plus, our Best Loadouts page has you covered if you’re after the strongest combination of attachments, perks, and more!

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