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How to upgrade Nook’s Cranny in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Expand your cranny.

Nook’s Cranny is a decent local shop, but you’ll be able to upgrade it if you’ve played for long enough. Here’s how to make those little tanuki’s day.

You’ll get more goods, more tools, and more furniture options, as well as extra options for selling.

How to upgrade Nook’s Cranny in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In order to upgrade Nook’s Cranny, you need to have fulfilled the following criteria:

  • Have Nook’s Cranny open for 30 days (note – this counts from when you initially opened Nook’s Cranny, not when you began playing the game)
  • Buy and sell 200,000 Bells worth of goods in Nook’s Cranny
  • Have been visited by Mabel

Honestly, it’s just a matter of time at this point. Mabel and the Able Sisters are easy to come by, and by the time you’ve had Nook’s Cranny for 30 days, you’ve more than likely done a fair few transactions.

We’ve got more fish catching guides for you if you’re looking to fill out your Critterpedia:

What does an upgraded Nook’s Cranny get you?

When you upgrade Nook’s Cranny, you get a bigger indoor area to look around, although the outdoor space isn’t impacted. It looks much cooler though.

You’ll get an extra limited-edition furniture item, as well as more wallpaper and tool options. Here’s the full lowdown:

  • 3 limited-edition furniture items
  • 2 unlimited furniture items
  • 8 wallpapers
  • 8 floors
  • 2 umbrellas
  • 5 fancy tool designs
  • 2 wrapping paper colours
  • 9 flower seeds
  • Your island’s native fruit
  • Party poppers
  • Customisation kits
  • A Timer

You’ll also get two hot items per day, giving you more chances to make money by selling them for double their usual value.

How do I know if Nook’s Cranny is upgrading?

You don’t need to go out of your way to talk to Tom Nook or Isabelle to upgrade Nook’s Cranny like you did with things like unlocking Terraforming. Just wait it out and ensure you’ve fulfilled the above criteria, and Isabelle will tell you when the upgrade is happening during her daily town address.

Remember: Nook’s Cranny and the drop-off box will be unavailable due to construction the day after this, so get all your shopping done before that happens.

That’s all for our guide on upgrading Nook’s Cranny! If you’re trying to make more money, check out our tips on making money from turnips and the Stalk Market, as well as our tips on farming bells from Flick.

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