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Idols of Azeroth strategy guide – Hearthstone


Strategy tips and Hero picks for this week's Tavern Brawl.

This week’s Tavern Brawl is certainly going to please fans of RNG. In Idols of Azeroth, you and your opponent are handed a deck containing nothing but Raven Idols. Turn by turn, you must choose either a random minion or a random spell, slowly put your hand together and eventually start developing the board.

While there’s a lot of randomness at play, there is no small amount of strategy involved with winning this Brawl. You should prioritise minions at certain stages of the game, and spells at others, for example, and your choice of Hero may well tip the scales in your favour.

In our Idols of Azeroth guide, we’ve got some useful strategy tips to help you emerge victorious from battle, whether you’re in it for the long run or you just want to get your free pack of cards and move on. We’d love to hear your own tips in the comments section!

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Official description

Ever draw a spell when you really needed a minion? Never again! Your deck will be 30 Raven Idols, so you’ll be able to discover whatever you need

Tips and strategy advice

  • In the early stages, it’s much more impactful to bag minions so that you have a board presence. Once you have something to fight with on the board, you can then look for spell options if needed.
  • When choosing minions, use your Raven Idol to fill out your curve neatly, and take care of any Mana gaps in the turns ahead. If it allows you to play a minion and a Raven Idol on the same turn, even better!
  • Don’t be tempted to blow The Coin on a second Raven Idol cast if you get it. The random nature of this Brawl means you’ll want every tool at your disposal to get a good minion on the board first.
  • Minions that gain Attack or Health whenever spells are cast are priority picks. Your opponent must play their Raven Idols, after all, which feeds your board nicely in the process!
  • Don’t concede too early! You are only ever one Raven Idol away from drawing a Flamestrike

– Head back to our Tavern Brawl guide hub page for help with the latest special event!

Deck lists and best class

Your deck is stuffed to the brim with Raven Idols and nothing else, so there aren’t any particular deck lists to brush up on. In terms of choosing the best Hero for Idols of Azeroth, we think a ping-damage Hero Power is going to give you quite an edge over the course of the game.

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