In-game movie posters are now available to purchase – Overwatch


They're selling fast.

Original sketches and alternates of Glen Brogan’s in-game posters are now available to purchase.

He’s responsible for all of the posters dotted around Hollywood, such as the brilliant “Hero of my Storm” and “Some like it Bot”.

The majority are priced at $45.00 (approximately £35.00) for the smallest size, and $75.00 (approximately £60.00) for a larger print. There’s one piece titled “Overwatch” priced somewhere in the middle at $55.00 (approximately £43.00), which depicts the original hero roster in glorious fashion.

If you’re itching to put one up on your bedroom wall, you’ll need to be quick! Each poster is subject to a very limited print run. It’s also worth mentioning that there are additional shipping costs for those who aren’t based in the US, so bear this in mind before hitting the buy button.

Check out all of the designs in the image below.

As huge fans of the way these posters add a humorous touch to the Overwatch universe, there’s no questioning – we’re getting our hands on one.

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