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Is Return of the Lich King the next expansion? – Hearthstone


New fan theory points to a frosty theme – and a new Death Knight hero.

We’re getting to that stage of Un’Goro’s lifespan where the rumour mill is gearing up to try and deduce the next expansion that will hit Hearthstone.

As opening gambits go, this one’s actually pretty good and comes courtesy of Redditor PenguinJ2, who reckons Return of the Lich King will be the next Hearthstone expansion.

The theory goes a little bit like this:

– The name Return of the Lich King was trademarked by Blizzard around four months ago. At around the same time as this, the domain was also registered.

– The last two Hearthstone card backs hint towards a Lich King expansion. May’s card back was themed around the Sunwell and June’s will be Dalaran. If July’s is Northrend then it is highly likely that the next Hearthstone expansion is based around the Lich King as these are the three places visited by Arthas, in that order.

The promotional artwork for the current Year of the Mammoth features Death Knight runes. You can see this image below:

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If this does indeed turn out to be the next Hearthstone expansion, it begs the obvious question of whether we’ll see the Death Knight added to the roster of heroes in the game. This was the first post-launch hero to be added to World of Warcraft with the release of Wrath of the Lich King, after all, and so thematically it would make sense.

Before you get too excited about all this, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the trademark registration refers to an upcoming new installment in the regular Warcraft RTS series – by no means impossible when you consider that the current StarCraft trilogy of games is all but concluded.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one, and will bring you details of any further theorycrafting that comes up!

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