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Legends of Runeterra tutorial guide – can you skip it?


A teaching moment.

How to beat the tutorial of Legends of Runeterra, including beating Heimerdinger and Zed.

If you’re looking for a rundown of the best decks Legends of Runeterra has to offer, check out our Legends of Runeterra Best Decks page!

Here’s a quick guide on getting through the Legends of Runeterra tutorial as quickly as possible. Of course, if you’ve not played the game before, the tutorial is a great way to learn the game, but for those of us who just want to get on with the game, here’s how.

Can you skip the Legends of Runeterra tutorial?

Unfortunately, even if you completed the Legends of Runeterra tutorial in a preview patch, you won’t be able to skip it this time around as all progress has been reset. We’ll update you if anything changes though!

How to beat Heimerdinger in the Legends of Runeterra tutorial (Back and Forth)

This is one easy battle. You’re playing as Elise and just need to follow the instructions given to you by the game. After this though, you’re left to your own devices.

Once you’ve been given full control the fight isn’t too hard, especially now Elise is upgraded. You can start by attacking with all units currently on the board. This’ll leave the enemy Nexus at 1 Health. After this, just play your House Spider and end the turn.

Heimerdinger will keep piling up robots on his side of the board, so play an Arachnoid Host to boost your spidery boys. He’ll attack, so block the two non-Heimerdinger units with anything you want other than Elise – you want her alive. You’ll take 1 damage and then have enough to finish the battle. Chuck everything onto the battlefield and attack for the win.

Let us know if you manage to fulfil Heimerdinger’s Level Up requirement by the way – killing 1000 Spiders seems like a whole lot of effort.

How to beat Zed in the Legends of Runeterra tutorial (Light and Shadow)

This lesson is all about Burst spells. We’ve got a bit more help on the meanings of Legends of Runeterra’s keywords, so head there if you’re confused about what that means.

To start with, just cast your first spell, Decisive Action, and attack with your units. You’ll be given a demonstration of Zed protecting himself with a Burst spell, Discipline of Force, before he attacks himself and must be blocked. You then cast Prismatic Barrier on Lux, giving her Barrier, before Zed swaps places with Shadowshift, keeping himself alive. This is all to teach you the interplay possible with Burst spells, so keep it in mind when you’re playing against real people.

At the end of this turn, your 3 remaining mana becomes Spell Mana, allowing you to cast Final Spark and kill the enemy Zed. Because it’s a Burst spell, it can’t be stopped.

You’re on your own from here, but it’s an easy fight so don’t worry.

First, attack with Lux immediately. This’ll give you a Final Spark spell – the one you just killed Zed with. He’ll then play a couple of Shadow Fiends – 3 mana 4/3 units. Next, play Decisive Action to draw 2, and Brightsteel Protector to give Lux Barrier. Finally, summon Cithria of Cloudfield and end the round.

Attack immediately with both your units before your opponent has a chance to play anything, and you’ll destroy the enemy Nexus.

Congratulations, you finished the Legends of Runeterra tutorial! Now you can get into the nitty gritty – check out our Best Decks page for more information on good combos to try and a head start. Of course, you can go to the Play menu to find more tutorials of the more complex mechanics Legends of Runeterra has to offer, but this is all completely optional.

For more help on the Legends of Runeterra economy and progression, we’ve got a page for that too!

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