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Monster Train – Best Class Combos


Squad goals.

Monster Train lets you combine Classes, or Clans, in each run. Here’s our favourite classes to ally with each Primary class.

Monster Train’s classes each have their own unique identity. The ferocious Hellhorned employ demons to crush their foes and imps to sacrifice themselves for their allies, whilst the Melting Remnant offer revival to units who grow to enormous sizes.

Each class works best with different combinations though, and the Clans you choose will go a long way to helping you come through with victory.

Here, we’ve put together our favourite Secondary Clan for the primaries available. We’ve also got a Monster Train tier list if you’re curious about which Primary Clans are the best.

Monster Train – Best Class Combos

Here’s the best secondaries to go with each Champion.


The Hellhorned are savage demons, and keywords like Multistrike giving them a huge amount of damage potential. Unfortunately though, Hellhorned can be quite frail. Sure, Armor is common with these guys, but if you’re looking to maximise your damage, Armor isn’t quite as usable.

For that reason, Hellhorned works great with Awoken. Awoken units are often able to get high health totals and effects like Spikes, so they can be put in front of friendly Hellhorned units for both protection and damage.


If you’re playing Awoken as your Primary Clan, you’ll have access to The Sentient, a great Champion with the ability to deal massive amounts of Spikes damage as well as extra card draw thanks to the Cultivating path. Regardless, you’ll likely have The Sentient on your front lines, and you’ll need help dealing damage.

We like the Stygian Guard combined with the Awoken. The Stygian Guard have a lot of tools to inflict Frostbite on enemies, and combined with the extremely strong Hoarfrost Effigy, you can massively stack up damage throughout the floors whilst The Sentient soaks up damage.

The Stygian Guard also have Spell Weakness abilities, making enemies take extra damage from your spells. The likes of Restoration Detonation and Bramble Lash can end up dealing enormous amounts of damage to enemies and bosses with this Clan combo, so give it a shot.

Stygian Guard

The best class to combine with the Stygian Guard is a tough one. Tethys Titansbane is pretty squishty, especially when you go down the Chillwind upgrade route and give him Frostbite (our favourite build). Going all in on Chillwind gives him only 3 health, so you’ll need desperately to protect him.

The Awoken are great for this, thanks to their large amount of bulky units able to tank hits for Tethys.

In addition though, we love the Melting Remnant, thanks to its Reform ability. If Tethys dies multiple times, he just gets stronger and stronger – just remember he’ll start gaining Burnout and dying again each turn. With enough Reform cards though, you’ll just keep bringing him back stronger!


Our pick for the weakest class, Umbra and its Morsels aren’t particularly easy to play at the moment.

With Penumbra as your Primary Clan Champion, you’ll want to choose a Secondary Clan to compliment it. Hellhorned aren’t actually half bad here, since the bigger units like Demon Fiend can take advantage of the Architect route of Penumbra, and they can benefit from eating Morsel units if needed. If you choose to go with Glutton, you’ll want to go all-in on Morsels too, making Hellhound a sound pick.

Melting Remnant

For us, Rector Flicker and the Melting Remnant are the best Primary Clan. For this reason, most Secondary Clans combo great with it, especially if you go down the Burn Bright route and end up with a 150/150 unit who can be constantly resurrected.

Specifically though, we really like the combination of Melting Remnant with Stygian Guard. Stygian Guard units benefit massively from a huge protective presence like Rector Flicker, and Reforming the strong effects like Frostbite can go a long way.

Remember though, the main aspect of this Clan is Rector Flicker, so make sure you’re getting him Reformed as much as possible.

Best of luck defending the Pyre! For more Monster Train guides, check out our Monster Train beginner tips page, as well as advice on how to play multiplayer Hell Rush with your friends.

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