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Nepal map guide – Overwatch


Essential tips and strategy advice for dominating on Overwatch's Nepal map.

Overwatch’s Nepal map is a distinctly frosty affair, and sees both teams competing against each other to take charge of a series of control points. There are three to take in total – a couple of exterior ones along with a decidedly claustrophobic interior one – and the first team to bag two in total wins the match overall.

This is an intense map, with lots of room for experimentation when it comes to team compositions. Certainly the team that remains the most flexible and adapts to the demands of the individual control points will dramatically increase their odds of succeeding overall. There’s lots of room for skilled players to shine here, and we’re looking forward to seeing what imaginative team builds players manage to cook up for this map.

In the next of our Overwatch map guides, we’ve got a selection of tips that we think should help you take the upper hand on Nepal, regardless of the Hero you happen to be playing. There’s lots to be uncovered by the community once the game hits retail later this month, and you should consider this to be very much a work-in-progress. We’ll update this guide regularly in time, so make sure you bookmark us to stay on top of the latest strategic advice.

BREAKING! – From start and end dates to Skill Rating changes, our Overwatch: Season 3 guide contains everything you need to know about the next period of competitive play!

Nepal tips

  • Once you’ve captured the first point on this map, feel free to move away from the initial objective and start pushing back the advancing forces. Do, however, have one eye on the point you’ve liberated to ensure that there isn’t a sneaky Tracer or Reaper flanking around to steal it from right beneath your nose. Greed will get you here if you’re not careful. Note that a Pharah pummelling rocketfire into this first point can cause absolute chaos for the enemy team.
  • The second temple capture point offers a height advantage to the team that captures it, although keep in mind that there are four very clear directions of attack here. If you’re holding the point, split up and keep eyes on all possible avenues the enemy might be approaching down, and call out to your team if their help is needed elsewhere. Again, don’t wander off too far from each other but do feel free to do a little “pre-emptive defending” if you know what we mean.
  • If you’re defending the second point, have taken a lot of damage, and have an emergency healing option as part of your ability set, squeeze into a corner – between you and the attackers – and restore your health. This of course also provides a bonus advantage of keeping you out of the enemy team’s line of sight. Keep your eyes on all possible entrances to your position, and be ready to strike with the element of surprise.
  • Characters like Symmetra with her turrets, and Junkrat with his bombs, make excellent picks for the team that holds the second objective. Symmetra can plant plenty of traps around the nooks and crannies of the central temple – which should at least complicate an assaulting team – while Junkrat always enjoys lobbing bombs around from a height advantage. Throw his explosives down those staircases to keep the enemy thinking twice about pushing forward.
  • The monastery itself can be a real beast to take and hold. You might favour Heroes who are capable of throwing shields around for this part of Nepal, as there’s a lot of open space that needs to be held. Clear out the room adjacent to and above the actual control point if you can, as you can expect a lot of firepower to come from this area when you’re trying to hold the point.
  • Don’t forget that you can actually knock enemy Heroes into the abyss that surrounds this third and final control point. There’s obviously a major risk that you’ll end up joining them if the manoeuvre goes wrong, but characters like Lucio in particular love to shove enemies off the ledge here, and down towards certain doom!

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Nepal team comps and builds

The following Heroes have all been found to be strong on Nepal, and are common picks for the professionals. While you will have to adapt to the enemy team as the match plays on, you should be able to build a solid starting team from the following top-tier Heroes.

If you want some help getting a solid team together for the other maps in this category, have a look at our round-up of all the best Control map comps and builds – we’ll make sure it’s updated as the metagame gets underway.


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Nepal Health Pack / Medikit locations

Coming soon!

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