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New Daily Quests added with latest patch – Hearthstone


New challenges crop up to freshen up the Gold grind.

A host of new Daily Quests have been added to Hearthstone, alongside a whole host of miscellaneous changes that have arrived with the latest patch for the game. You can read all about these changes over at our latest Patch Notes page, but we thought it would be useful to spin these new quests out into their own page.

Note that these are all live in the game, and so you may already have picked one or two of them up if you’ve been offline for a little while. We’re pretty impressed with the new additions all in all, and should hopefully spice up the process of ticking them off each day.

Let us know what you think about these fresh challenges in the comments!

New Daily Quests

Here are all of the new Daily Quests to be added to Hearthstone with the latest patch.

Reward Daily Quest Details
100 Gold Murlocalypse Play 75 Murlocs
100 Gold Cry Havoc Play 75 Battlecry minions
60 Gold Druid Play 50 Druid class cards
60 Gold Hunter Play 50 Hunter class cards
60 Gold Mage Play 50 Mage class cards
60 Gold Paladin Play 50 Paladin class cards
60 Gold Priest Play 50 Priest class cards
60 Gold Rogue Play 50 Rogue class cards
60 Gold Shaman Play 50 Shaman class cards
60 Gold Warlock Play 50 Warlock class cards
60 Gold Warrior Play 50 Warrior class cards
50 Gold Overpowered Play 10 cards that cost 8 or more
50 Gold Stable Master Play 20 Beasts
50 Gold Beyond the Dark Portal Play 15 Demons
50 Gold Mrgrgrglrr Play 30 Murlocs
50 Gold Swashbuckler Play 10 Pirates
50 Gold For Azeroth! Play 30 Battlecry minions
50 Gold Death to the Living! Play 20 Deathrattle minions
50 Gold Tiny Bubbles Make Me Happy Play 10 Divine Shield minions
50 Gold Rampage Play 10 Enrage minions
50 Gold You Shall Not Pass! Play 20 Taunt minions
50 Gold Elemental Overload Play 15 Overload minions
50 Gold Combo Meal Play 10 Combo cards
50 Gold It’s a Secret to Everyone Play 10 Secrets
50 Gold Weaponmaster Play 10 Weapons
50 Gold Inspiring Use your Hero Power 30 times
40 Gold Emerald Dream Play 30 Druid class cards
40 Gold Welcome to the Jungle Play 30 Hunter class cards
40 Gold Arcane Brilliance Play 30 Mage class cards
40 Gold Righteousness Play 30 Paladin class cards
40 Gold Shadow and Light Play 30 Priest class cards
40 Gold They Came From Behind Play 30 Rogue class cards
40 Gold The Maelstrom Play 30 Shaman class cards
40 Gold Dark Soul Play 30 Warlock class cards
40 Gold Tactician Play 30 Warrior class cards

Source – Hearthpwn

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