New Overwatch Free Weekend begins this Friday


Play all maps and heroes completely free for a limited period of time.

A new Overwatch Free Weekend has been scheduled to take place this weekend. The event will run from Friday 16th February and conclude on Monday 19th February. The Free Weekend will be available on PC and all console platforms.

The entire collection of heroes and maps will be available to play while the Free Weekend is live, and players will be able to take part in Quick Play, Custom Games and Arcade matches.

Any progress made in terms of levelling up and Loot Boxes will be carried over into the live game, should you decide to buy the game afterwards. Just make sure you use the same account credentials you used for the trial when you make your purchase.

The Free Weekend begins at 11:00am PT on Friday, which is 7:00pm over here in the UK and 8:00pm in Europe. You can find full details of how to install the client in the announcement post on the official Overwatch blog.

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