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Nioh 2: How to beat Enenra


Enen-read this guide to find out.

Enenra is a boss in Nioh 2, born from smoke and darkness, who is very much up for beating you to a pulp. In this guide we’ll provide you with plenty of tips and tricks on how to overcome him.

One of the toughest bosses you’ll encounter early in Nioh 2 is Enenra, a Yokai composed of smoke and darkness. Who, despite his bulk, moves at a frightening pace and lashes out with some surprisingly agile moves.

Below we’ve broken down a few things you should be aware of when fighting Enenra, so you can get hold of his Soul Core and progress through the campaign.

How to beat Enenra

Right, here are a few things to watch out for when fighting him:

– If Enenra stops for a second and begins to whirl his head around, keep an eye on the ground and back away as quickly as you can. He’s laying down mines which’ll explode after a short delay, so wait until they’ve done their thing and prepare to dodge his next attack. If you’re quick enough, you can leap in for a hit or two the moment his mines erupt.

– Sometimes he’ll extend his arms before clapping his fists together. He’ll disappear in a wisp of smoke and then reappear right next to you. Make sure to track his movement, then get ready to dodge in quick succession. He’ll either go for some punches, opt for a kick or two, or mix and match. Don’t rush the dodge, just keep calm and dash to the side. Finally, avoid temptation and wait until you’re sure his animation has completed before attacking. He has a tendency to feign a conclusion.

– The clearest damage phase is after his melee attacks. Dodge around him, wait for the animations to finish, then wail on him a bit. Once you’re done, back off, as he’ll likely cause the floor to erupt in flame or attempt a devastating grab attack.

– Time your Burst Counters well and they’ll be great for destroying his Ki bar. It’s a little tricky to get right as his special move is very fast. Wait for a split-second, then activate your Burst Counter and it should catch him nicely.

– Be aware of the four pillars around the arena. Get him to attack one of these and a huge barrel of water will fall on his head. This deals huge Ki damage which can really help if you’ve already done a fair amount yourself – it can be what tips you into stagger territory without having to do any hard work. If you’re careful about it, try and save a barrel or two for the latter stages of a fight to make it easier.

– Damage him enough and he’ll transport you both into the Yokai realm. Get your dodges on as he’ll gain extra speed and ferocity during this stage. Again, it’s a case of waiting out his melee attacks, getting a quick hit or two in, backing off, then waiting for him to close the gap again.

– Fighting with a Low or Mid stance will make dodging easier. The moment you’ve managed to stagger him, switch to a High stance to hit him as hard as possible.

– When you’re up close, don’t go for too many swings. He’ll almost always whip out a grab attack, or a jump into the air and crash down on you mid swing. Play it safe and you’ll have much greater success!

Once you’ve beaten Enenra, he’ll drop his Soul Core! This will grant you the ability to transform into a whirlwind and hit multiple opponents for some nice elemental damage.

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