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Overwatch: Endorsement Tracker – How to view your progress


How to track your progress through the Overwatch Endorsement system.

Our Overwatch Endorsement Tracker page explains how to view your progress through the Endorsement system, and increase your level to earn rewards.

A new Endorsement feature was added to Overwatch in the recent social features patch, and you can use it to tip your hat towards up to three teammates who have proved particularly helpful in the match you’ve just played. You can even use it to show respect to a single enemy player who’s proved particularly capable at crushing your dreams.

Although Blizzard has kept the system behind this new feature intentionally vague in order to prevent abuse, a third-part tracker has just been released which claims to show your progress through the Endorsement system. It seems solid enough to us that we wanted to highlight it on geeksplatform, and also provide an overview of Endorsements at the same time.

We’re still uncovering the precise details of all the rewards that are available from participating in this system, and we’ll keep updating this article over time.

How can I track my Endorsement level in Overwatch?

The best service we’ve seen so far goes by the name of Overwatch Endorsement Viewer, and it shows your current Endorsement level in the game.

Once you’ve visited the site, simply select your platform from the little platform button to the right of the main search bar, then add your Battle Tag or Gamer Tag to that bar. Hit the Search icon and you’ll be taken through to a new screen.

On this new page, you’ll be able to see how many Endorsements you’ve received within each category (see below for more details). Hover over the stats just next to your name and you’ll also get a breakdown of all known information, including your Endorsement rank (which maxes out at 5).

What are the Endorsement categories in Overwatch?

There are three different kinds of Endorsements in Overwatch. Here are all three of them, along with the official description of what each one means:

Shot Caller – “Players who lead or execute strategies on the battlefield can earn a Shot Caller endorsement.”

Good Teammate – “You can reward those who work as highly effective team players with a Good Teammate endorsement.”

Sportsmanship – “You can give Sportsmanship endorsements to people who are a positive influence in-game.” [Both Teams]

What are the Endorsement rewards in Overwatch?

There are a few different kinds of Endorsement rewards.

First of all, each time you give a fellow player an Endorsement, you’ll receive a handful of XP. It’s not a lot, but it all adds up over time and helps you get at your next Loot Box a little faster.

On that note, we’ve seen evidence of players receiving a Loot Box reward each time they progress through the Endorsement ranks. You will also periodically receive random rewards from Blizzard, but they’ve not yet been specified.

You’re also likely to find better groups through the Looking for Group tool if you have a higher Endorsement rank. One of the filters allows you to search by Endorsement level, so you may find yourself shut out of solid teams if you don’t play nicely…

How do I increase my Endorsement level in Overwatch?

Keep playing more games in a positive fashion and you should naturally increase your Endorsement level over time. Call shots, be positive and you’ll likely stand out from the crowd when people come to rather randomly assign Endorsements at the end of each match.

Remember that it is possible to slip down the Endorsement ranking system as well. Leave games before they’ve concluded, or just stop receiving Endorsements for a period of time, and you’ll de-rank eventually. The precise numbers behind this process have not yet been revealed by Blizzard, but we’ll add the details in if they’re either datamined from the client or made public by the publisher.

Keep in mind as well that if you’re punished through the reporting system, you may well find yourself stripped of your Endorsement level and can even find yourself right at the bottom of the pile!

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