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Overwatch Hero 30 teased by Blizzard


Looks like they'll be a combat medic of sorts.

Blizzard has released what is highly like to be the first teaser for the 30th Overwatch Hero.

The post – published on the game’s official site yesterday evening – centers around a mysterious, declassified log which has been recovered by the shady Talon organisation.

They’re on the hunt for an agent named “Captain Cuerva”, and it just so happens they’ve stumbled upon Cuerva’s personal log in Haiti.

In it, Cuerva explains how they’ve been dispatched to Haiti with a mission to convince an agent named “Jean-Baptiste Augustin” to rejoin the Talon organisation one way or another.

Read on and things don’t go well. Certain members of Cuerva’s strike team disappear and it’s clear Baptiste has done away with Cuerva’s allies, taunting them with a message “Come find me Cuerva”.

Finally, we learn that Cuerva actually helped train Baptiste back in the day, and that they’ve “never known a medic to be such a good shot”.

So, we know that this “Baptiste” is likely to be Overwatch’s 30th hero and that they’ll be a combat medic of some sort. He’s a good shot, has great survival skills, and deserted the Talon organisation for a life of peace in Haiti.

We’re likely to hear more on the matter soon, but in the meantime we’ve linked the full log down below so you can have a read:

27 August, 0430 hours

Ti Ôtel Lanbi, Port-de-Paix, Haiti

We landed at 2000 hours on 26 August. Tortuga lies across the canal, a dark, rocky shape against the sky. My team bunked down in the hotel, and we planned to cross to the island in the morning. Our orders: to retrieve Jean-Baptiste Augustin, or, failing that, to eliminate him. I still hold out hope to talking sense into him. No one leaves Talon. The organization needs him, now more than ever. All it will take, I’m sure, is the right kind of pressure to make him regret his decision.

At 0200 hours, Pacanowsky left the hotel to purchase supplies and failed to return. Mazzei and Doubleday were dispatched to locate him, and an hour later, there was a knock at my door. The hotel staff delivered a box with my name on it. Inside was a folded letter and Pacanowsky, Mazzei, and Doubleday’s emblems, which looked like they had been torn from their jackets.

Come find me, Cuerva.

I know better than to underestimate Baptiste. I helped train him myself, and he was one of our best. I’ve never known a medic to be such a good shot, and his adaptability to new situations is a rare talent. All of us have seen our fair share of conflict, but Baptiste was built to survive. I swear he has the Devil’s own luck.

I am preparing the rest of the team to move out. Baptiste could be gone by dawn. I don’t know if Pacanowsky, Mazzei, and Doubleday are still alive. All three of them were part of Baptiste’s unit before his desertion, and given their personal inclinations, the odds aren’t in their favor.

If all goes well, everything will be settled and we’ll be on our way home by tonight. Hopefully Baptiste will be among us, playing cards and drinking rum, instead of lying in a shallow island grave.

But either way, I will not fail. It will be done.

D. Cuerva

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