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OWL 2019: 7 Best plays from Stage 1 Week 1


A selection of the finest moments from the first week's action.

The Overwatch League’s first week has been and gone, with all twenty teams doing their utmost to get off to a good start – and it’s produced some staggering highlights already.

We’ve been particularly impressed by newcomers Hangzhou Spark and Atlanta Reign who’ve wasted no time making their mark on the League by sweeping away some of the competition.

Meanwhile, we’re a bit surprised to see last year’s winners London Spitfire sitting towards the bottom of the table, and currently ranked 19th out of 20. It’s still early days though, so anything can happen and we’re fully expecting them to bounce back with a bang.

If you’ve not had a chance to catch all of the Overwatch League action as of late, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find a handful of the best moments from Stage 1, Week 1 so you can go into Week 2 knowing you’ve seen the important bits.

Geguri swings in with a great engage

Geguri rolls in as Wrecking Ball, attaches a grapple to the ceiling, swings herself up, drops a boatload of mines on top of the opposition, and then slams to the ground knocking at least three of them up.

It’s a fantastic example of how to initiate a fight as Wrecking Ball, as well as using the mines to zone the enemy so your teammates can lock down the point.

Bumper gets stealthy…with Reinhardt?

Defending the final point on Temple of Anubis, Bumper decides to get sneaky and put an end to the Shanghai Dragons’ momentum.

He hides in a corner with an Earthshatter primed and ready, lets the entire team pass before dropping the hammer and knocking down practically the entire team.

Shanghai Dragon’s perform a “boop bomb”

While Shanghai Dragon are all bunched together in Hangzhou Spark’s Graviton Surge, both IDK and RIA decide to pull off a perfect combo.

  • RIA sends her explosive mech into the sky.
  • IDK swoops in from behind as Lucio, booping the enemy team into the air.
  • The explosion perfectly meets the team’s trajectory, resulting in a wonderful quadra.

New York Excelsior pulls of the perfect wombo combo

New York Excelsior showcases some incredible synergy here. First Nenne drops a Graviton Surge which sucks in the entirety of Washington Justice. Next, Meko throws D.Va’s explosive mech suit into the air, before Mano delivers a huge Earthshatter which knocks them all to the floor.

The mech suit then crashlands, explodes and wipes four of them out – *chef kiss*.

Linkzr lands some disgusting shots

Linkzr goes bonkers on Widowmaker, taking out three of Toronto Defiant before landing a ridiculous shot on a mid-sleep Tracer.

Roar gets angry

Roar decides that Seoul Dynasty aren’t allowed in his former home, so boots them all out of the airlock and into the suffocating, cold embrace of space. An insane quadra.

Here’s the moment it all happened from a clearer perspective!

Blink and you’ll miss it

Keep an eye on OGE to the left of the screen as he does a full 180 to block Fissure’s Earthshatter… we’re not sure how that’s even physically possible.

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