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OWL 2019: 7 Tips from Toronto Defiant’s first match win


A few pointers from the pros after last week's debut Defiant match.

Toronto Defiant enjoyed their first match in the Overwatch League this weekend just gone, and through a lot of grit managed to take a win from comparative veterans Houston Outlaws with a 3-2 scoreline.

As you’d expect from the current meta, we’re seeing a lot of the so-called Goats play in the opening matches of this year’s competitive season, but despite this rather predicable pattern there are insights to be gained.

To help you think about how you play some of these characters, we thought it would be useful to highlight some of the best plays from both the Defiant and Outlaw teams in this incredibly tight match-up.

Highlight #1: Ivy’s Clean Picks on Nepal

While taking Nepal Ivy’s not only getting some clean picks, but while his teammates are preoccupied with Spree’s D.Va he spots Rawkus as Zenyatta peeking.

By eliminating Zen first Ivy ensures that Wrecking Ball won’t get any extra time to frustrate the point, and allow the Outlaws to get back in the fight.

Highlight #2: Muma Goes Ape

Both D.Va bombs fail to make a mark, but Muma pops his ult in spectacular fashion to take out first Roky on Lucio, then Stellar’s Brigitte while Dante cleans up on Aid.

With the support taken out of the equation in a fine display of priority picks the point is taken with ease.

Highlight #3: Danteh’s Positional Grav

The current meta is a repetitive affair in many ways, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth highlighting the odd notable Graviton Surge.

With the Defiant unwisely bunched in their push for the final point of Volskaya, Danteh wisely capitalise on his ult to trap them in a very unfavourable position.

Highlight #4: Rawkus Takes out the Trash with Zenyatta

A support’s first duty is of course to keep their teammates alive, but with Linkzr’s McCree topped up, Rawkus wastes no time in dispatching a series of Toronto players, scanning for the easy picks while slipping a fresh healing orb in where it’s needed.

Highlight #5: Muma’s Surprise Earthshatter

Muma exploits a positioning opportunity to devastating effect with this rather off-meta approach to disabling the other team.

Highlight #6: Aid Keeps His Cool – And His Ultimate

The temptation for most players in this position is to pop their ult and pray, but Aid’s smart enough on Zen to hold back, consider the overall strength of his time in the current moment, and resist even when he finds himself in a very uncomfortable position against Reinhardt.

Highlight #7: Linkzr’s Tactical Tracking

Linkzr demonstrates some exceptional tracking skill with his next set of picks on Widowmaker. Watch how he combines constant re-positioning when under pressure, with lightning counter-attacks to get his kills.

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