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OWL 2019 Highlights: 8 Must-See Moments From Day 1


"We drive it into the airlock and zap it into outer space."

Our Overwatch League Day 1 highlights round-up features the best plays from the Los Angeles Gladiators, Shanghai Dragons, Philadelphia Fusion and Seoul Dynasty.

Right from the off it was clear that every team in the Overwatch League wanted to claim a flying start in the first day of the new 2019 season.

First in that regards were the Shanghai Dragons, who – it’s safe to say – didn’t have the best record last season, and were looking to put their past woes behind them and secure a solid victory over newcomers Hangzhou Spark.

This matchup turned out to be a pretty ferocious contest filled with plenty of highlights, one of which – Geguri’s Wrecking Ball play – we’ve highlighted in this article. It’s a beauty.

We were also treated to a close contest between last season’s winners London Spitfire and Philadelphia Fusion, a match which produced some brilliant positional plays in particular.

Finally, Seoul Dynasty and LA Gladiators slugged it out in a back and forth battle that’s gifted us one of the best Winston plays we’ve seen for a very long time. Oh, and the smoothest Lucio boop to boot as well.

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Highlight #1: Geguri delivers a slam dunk

There’s more on Geguri’s Wrecking Ball prowess a little further on down this page, but this initiation on Busan – and the follow up play – is essential viewing for anyone looking to get better with their hamster play.

Highlight #2: Godsb and Ria pull off the perfect combo

It’s safe to say we will not be short of Graviton Surge / Self-Destruct plays in the coming months, but the Hangzhou Sparks’ pairing of the two on Hollywood is about as good as it gets for our money.

Highlight #3: Geguri is the gatekeeper of Rialto

Geguri’s Wrecking Ball play was a masterclass on using the ultimate to pen in the other team and force them to fight on the Dragons’ terms.

Not only that, it also gave Geguri plenty of time to exploit the positioning and rattle off some precision fire of his own before sweeping in for the stragglers.

Highlight #4: Biggoose swoops in with an effortless boop

Biggoose played the element of surprise perfectly for the Los Angeles Gladiators last night. With Seoul Dynasty’s sniper duo Ana and Ashe far too preoccupied elsewhere, he drops them into the well with a beautiful boop.

Highlight #5: Roar gets a quadra kill with Primal Rage

Four kills is a decent enough tally for Primal Rage, but bonus style points surely go for clattering a handful of players out of the airlock in the process.

Here’s the moment it all happened from a clearer perspective!

Highlight #6: Fissure’s crucial counter Earthshatter

Fissure’s counter Earthshatter against the Los Angeles Gladiators was exceptionally well timed – and positioned.

Shielding himself into postition, he exploits the Gladiators’ natural desire to capitalise on their own Reinhardt’s ultimate, but in doing so the team becomes horrible exposed.

The ensuing counter-ultimate provides more than enough time for Seoul Dynasty to regroup and punish the other team hard.

Highlight #7: Birdring’s sneaky Graviton lets the team mop up

Some clever positioning by Birdring as Zarya allowed him to exploit Philadelphia’s Fusion preoccupation with the forward threat.

Once under Graviton Surge’s effect, it’s relatively easy for Spitfire to push the advantage.

Highlight #8: Fury drops a crucial EMP on the enemy backline

Finally, London Spitfire’s Fury provides a masterclass in timing the use of Sombra’s EMP ultimate.

By waiting until just the right moment, he’s able to lock both healers out of the ensuing fight – and even get a clean pick on Zenyatta to boot.

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