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OWL 2019: How the Shanghai Dragons scored their first win


DDing and Diem make a mighty pairing.

The Shanghai Dragons finally broke their astonishing 0-42 loss streak in the Overwatch League over the weekend with a historic win over Boston Uprising.

Shanghai’s team isn’t quite the same as it was back in the Overwatch League’s inaugural season though. Three players – Diya, Geguri and Fearless – remain, while a whole host of newcomers have filled the spots of eight players who were released.

It’s clear that they needed to change things up, but with a lineup now largely composed of rookies you wouldn’t necessarily expect sterling results straight away. Previously a member of Boston Uprising, Gamsu was one of the biggest transfers to Shanghai Dragons. He brings not only experience, but some much needed positivity to the team as well.

It certainly seems to have paid off, as it was a team of fresh faces who ultimately managed to nab the Dragons’ first win under his leadership.

There was no hint of loss streak dejection on Saturday, as Shanghai Dragons played with renewed spirit, freedom and above all – teamwork. Newcomers “DDing” and “diem” displayed some brilliant play on Sombra and Zarya, which set up the squad for easy teamfights time and time again.

Below we’ve highlighted a handful of the best moments and plays from Shanghai Dragons’ first win in the Overwatch League. Here’s hoping they display the same tenacity in their upcoming matches, as it’s lovely to see them finally succeed!

Diem delivers the turnaround

With the enemy team charging the payload and forcing the Dragons back, diem threads a Graviton through the chaos and clumps them all together, destroying any momentum Boston had.

He then seeks out Zenyatta, displaying some pinpoint precision with a fully charged laser beam, completely melting the poor Omnic before turning to help his team mop up the rest.

DDing gets sneaky

As both teams butt heads, DDING sneaks round the back as Sombra and drops a devastating EMP which completely disables the enemy team. This then paves the way for diem to drop a Graviton which makes for a very easy clean up.

DDing disables the entire enemy team

DDing once again shows what he’s really capable of as Sombra. He jumps straight into the middle of the fight and hits five members of the enemy team with the EMP, but most importantly of all catches AimGod (Zenyatta) and robs him of a Transcendence.

This denies the enemy team any initial survivability, and results in a couple of them getting picked off. The Dragon’s have the man advantage and gradually whittle down Boston Uprising before capturing the point. Nice, methodical play.

Fantastic teamplay

This may not be a ridiculous individual outplay, but it does instead highlight great teamplay.

Diem drops a Graviton Surge which stalls the enemy team, just as Luffy (Zenyatta) snipes Kellex (Lucio) which denies the Sound Barrier in the nick of time.

Right afterwards, Axxiom (Reinhardt) becomes separated from his team and can’t protect his allies who get caught in a massive Earthshatter from Gamsu. This allows Shanghai Dragons to swoop in and pick off the stragglers.

Securing their first win!

Boston Uprising simply can’t contest the point as Shanghai Dragons band together and eliminate them one by one. Axxiom on Winston tries desperately to extend the timer by popping Primal Rage, but gets booted out of contention by Youngjin on Brigitte.

As soon as the angry ape gets knocked out of the ring, the Shanghai Dragon’s do what they have to and win their first ever Overwatch League match!

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