Play of the Game highlights #11 – Overwatch


Our pick of the best plays you'll see today.

The act of scrolling through endless community highlights is something we’re rather addicted to. There’s something thrilling about discovering a moment that makes us splutter “wow”, or laugh a little too loudly to ourselves, and we’ve put together a few clips that made us do both of these things.

This time around you’ll see McCree attempt to defeat his arch nemesis, while Roadhog uses his new “Ghostly Hook” ability. There’s more too, so make sure you check out the whole gallery!

If you’ve got any amazing highlights of your own, or if you think we’ve missed out on any you’ve seen, link to it on Gfycat so we can have a look for ourselves. If they’re really good, we’ll feature them next time!

A healthy long distance relationship.

Rein steals POTG.

Hook 5.0

Crazyripps indeed.

McCree can’t beat his nemesis.

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