Play of the Game highlights #9 – Overwatch


Our pick of the best plays you'll see today.

Every day we like to have a good rummage through the growing collection of community highlights that are out there, and bring you our pick of the very best of the best.

This time around you’ll see Reinhardt go full stealth mode, while Symmetra commands a basketball to obliterate anyone who stands in her way. There’s more too, so make sure you check out the whole gallery!

If you’ve got any amazing highlights of your own, or if you think we’ve missed out on any you’ve seen, link to it on Gfycat so we can have a look for ourselves. If they’re really good, we’ll feature them next time!

When humiliating the enemy turns into POTG.

Widowmaker’s flick of dreams.

The glass cannon tears through the enemy team.

“Just a statue.”

The most innovative Symmetra play you’ll ever see.

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