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Pokemon Quest Power Stones: How to get more and equip them


Our complete guide to using Power Stones correctly in Pokemon Quest.

Our Pokemon Quest Power Stone page explains how to find these items, use them, and equip them in the correct socket types.

Pokemon Quest is now available for Nintendo Switch owners to download, and those of you on mobile devices will also be able to get stuck into an iOS and Android version of the game towards the end of June 2018 (the exact date has yet to be confirmed).

In order to upgrade and improve your Pokemon in Quest, you’ll need to hunt down and equip Power Stones which provide a significant boost to your creatures. In this article, we’re going to run you through all of the currently known ways of getting these items.

As we learn more about the game we’ll update this article, but here’s what you need to know about the Power Stone system when you first start. Expect details of more stone types to be added in with the next update.

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  • Farming – Power Stones are typically available to loot when you finish up an expedition. When you’ve cleared every wave of enemies and beaten the boss, you’ll take home a few goodies – and the rewards pile usually includes a Power Stone.
  • Types – So far we’ve seen a couple of different Power Stone types. The first are Mighty Stones which help the targeted Pokemon attack harder. The other type are called Sturdy Stones, and these improve the health value of the Pokemon in question.
  • Equip – To equip a Power Stone, simply select the Pokemon you want to improve and then slide the Power Stone into the correct slot.
  • Sockets – Certain Power Stones can only go in certain sockets, so if you’re struggling to equip a particular stone, make sure you’re not trying to pop a Mighty Stone into a Sturdy Socket, for example. Check the icons to make sure there’s an appropriate match.
  • Unlocking Sockets – The more experience your Pokemon gain, the more they’ll level up. As their level increases, they’ll gain access to additional sockets. You can then in turn boost them up further, gaining more XP from tougher battles, helping them level up and so on.

That’s the end of the first edition of our guide to using Power Stones in Pokemon Quest. If you need help with other areas of the game, make sure you check out our core Pokemon Quest guide, or our Pokemon Quest cooking recipes article which explains how to attract new Pokemon to your team.

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