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PUBG: Best vehicle spawns and locations (Erangel, Miramar)


Our PUBG vehicle spawns and locations guide will help you identify the best places to get a car, bike or boat.

Planning is everything in PUBG, and sometimes that plan involves getting hold of a vehicle so that you can swiftly evade imminent danger, or chase down areas which are likely to be full of loot. Wit that said, we’ve all experienced the dismay of floating to the ground and realising that there aren’t any cars, jeeps or vans to be seen anywhere on the roads nearby.

Likewise, it can be extremely frustating when you’re travelling on foot with the blue circle chasing you down, and you’re only escape is the possibility of stumbling into a vehicle – but it never happens.

Despite the fact that there’s a certain randomness to every vehicle spawn in PUBG, we’ve put together a guide that’ll help you figure out which locations are the most likely to have a vehicle ready and waiting for you, should you need one urgently. It really pays to brush up on this stuff ahead of time, as it can be invaluable extra survival intel.

Make sure you visit our core PUBG Guide hub when you’re done here. It contains all of the most important tips and tactics you need to win more games!

Best Vehicle Spawns and Locations

Both of the maps we’re highlighting here come courtesy of and they each brilliantly detail the locations which are most likely to have vehicle spawns. We understand that all these icons can be pretty overwhelming, so we’ve broken down the hotspots below each map for you.


  • Hospital: The coastline to the West of this area should contain a high concentration of boats.
  • Kameshki: The road leading through this town and around to the West often contains a number of vehicles.
  • Lipovka: Check the crossroads South of here, as well as the road leading to Yasnaya Polyana.
  • Mylta: The ring road near Mylta Power is often a popular spot for vehicles.
  • Novarepnoye: While you’ll only find a few vehicles on the road here, there’s a high concentration of boats on the shore to make up for it.
  • Primorsk: There’s a high chance you’ll find a vehicle on the road leading East out of this area, or at least a boat on the shore.
  • Sosnovka Military Base: Vehicles absolutely litter this location, just follow the perimeter of the base itself or the ring road surrounding it.
  • Zharki: A bit of a hotspot for vehicles. Check the roads to the South.

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  • El Pozo: The road leading straight through the middle of this town should bag you a vehicle.
  • La Cobreria: Go along the road leading South towards San Martin.
  • Los Leones: Scattered all over this area!
  • San Martin: You should have a good chance of stumbling into a vehicle here. Follow the road that leads North through the town towards Water Treatment.
  • Torre Ahunada: It won’t be long before you find a vehicle in the center of this area.

That’s all we have for now in the first edition of our guide to PUBG vehicle spawn locations, but we’ll be sure to update this page when the new Savage map goes live! There’ll be plenty of new intel to chew over as that map goes through development.

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