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PUBG: Best zeroing distance


Our PUBG zeroing distance guide explains how zeroing distance works and how to take advantage of it when fighting targets at a variety of ranges.

When it comes to Battle Royale games, PUBG aims to separate itself from the pack by providing a semi-realistic experience. Unlike other popular competitors (ahem, Fortnite) you won’t be hopping about in frantic shotgun duels, destroying everything you see with a pickaxe and chucking grenades that make enemies dance.

PUBG’s instead going for the “simulator” experience of sorts, and this applies to the weapons in the game, the scopes you’ll be peering through and the bullets you’ll be firing at foes as well. Taking into account an enemy’s movement and distance before pulling the trigger is essential to landing each and every shot you take.

Part and parcel of making sure your shots land is mastering the way zeroing distance works. It’s something that most players have heard of, but don’t know anything about so we’ve put together a guide below to remedy that. You’ll find out what it is, how it works and how best to use it when facing off against an enemy far away.

How does Zeroing Distance work?

Imagine you’ve spotted a static enemy far off in the distance with your 4x Scope. Normally you’d zoom in and aim higher to take into account how far the bullet has to travel. That way when you take the shot, it’ll drop right into your target’s skull. Unless you’re well practiced though, it’s easy to get this wrong and completely whiff your shot.

If you take into account zeroing distance and use it properly, you’ll eliminate the need to aim above a target’s head to eliminate them from a distance. In the simplest terms, you’re altering the scope dependent on how far away they are, so when you’re lining up the shot you’ll be safe in the knowledge that it’s going to be pinpoint accurate.

Here’s a breakdown of how you’d use zeroing distance if you encounter an enemy from a distance.

  • Spot an enemy in the distance.
  • Zoom in with a scope.
  • Look at map and judge how far away they in metres. For reference, one square is equivalent to 100 metres.
  • Adjust zeroing distance using [Page Up]/[Page Down] to match the distance.
  • Shoot your weapon without any aim compensation and the bullet should hit your target if you’ve judged the distance correctly.

More PUBG guides

Zeroing Distance video walkthrough

If you’re still unsure how zeroing distance functions in PUBG (we don’t blame you), the video we’ve embedded by WackyJacky101 explains how it works and shows that it does in fact remove the need to compensate for shots.

Video by WackyJacky101

Here’s a quick round-up of what’s covered:

  • When you zoom in on an target, you’ll need to judge the distance between both of you and adjust the zeroing distance accordingly. It’s 400m in the video.
  • Once you’ve tweaked the zeroing distance, you’ll want to aim directly at your target. The tip of the chevron if you’re using a 4x, 8x or 15x scope, or simply the dot if you’re using a Red Dot or 2x scope.
  • With the correct zeroing distance, your bullet will hit exactly where intended.
  • Aiming in exactly the same place without using distance would result in the bullet landing below where you intended. This is because the target is 400m away and zeroing distance is automatically set to 100m.
  • So, if your zeroing distance is set too low, the bullet will dip below your intended target. Likewise, if it’s set too high, it’ll land higher than your intended target.

Seeing it in action makes zeroing distance much easier to understand, so make sure you give it a watch and consider subscribing to his channel for more insightful PUBG content!

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