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PUBG: Flare Gun guide – locations, how to use and more


Our PUBG Flare gun guide contains locations and everything you need to know about how to use the new weapon.

Added somewhat stealthily by PUBG Corp into PUBG’s Test Servers at the beginning of this month, the Flare Gun is certainly a surprising addition that could hint at an exciting new future for the game.

The Flare Gun’s currently only available to use on Test Servers in Custom matches, which means that it’s usage is very limited. From what we’ve seen though, it’s a rare drop that’s found scattered across PUBG’s original map Erangel. Fire it into the air and you’ll receive an upgraded airdrop filled with some of the game’s most powerful weaponry and armour.

Firing the Flare Gun at a player won’t do any harm though and it’s quite particular in how it works. Get the trajectory wrong, or fire it at the wrong time, and your efforts will go to waste. The other real drawback is how much attention you’ll draw for shooting it into the sky – everyone on the map will hear it go off.

If your risk pays off though then you’ll be drowning in solid loot. This makes the Flare Gun an exciting addition to the game, both in terms of giving all players a chance of getting their hands on powerful gear, and simultaneously throwing a beacon into the air which’ll draw players into more fights.

Below we’ve put together a guide on how the Flare Gun works and whether we’ll see any new modes centered around this gun in the future.

Make sure you visit our core PUBG Guide hub when you’re done here. It contains all of the most important tips and tactics you need to win more games.

Flare Gun: Overview

Here’s a brief breakdown of the Flare Gun.


  • The Flare Gun is currently only available in Custom games on the Test Server.
  • It takes up a Pistol slot.
  • You’ll always find it alongside one Flare.
  • It’s ammo capacity is only enough for one Flare. You can’t fire off multiple shots here!
  • You can only carry one Flare Gun, but you can hold multiple Flares.
  • It does not deal any damage to enemies.


  • Fire it directly above you into the air.
  • If you don’t fire it up high, then the Flare won’t work.
  • All enemies across the map will be given a sound cue when this happens, and anyone with line of sight will be able to see the Flare hanging in the sky.
  • After a few seconds an airdrop will land close to where you fired off the Flare.
  • The “Flaredrop” will always contain the equivalent of two normal airdrops. This means two weapons, ammunition for both, healing and armour items.

Video by WackyJacky101

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Where can you find the Flare Gun?

The Flare Gun’s a pretty powerful tool so you won’t find it as a common drop throughout the map. Instead it’ll be located in a handful of locations, all quite far apart from one another.

Do note that it’s currently only available on Erangel in Custom games, and by no means are the positions we’ve listed fixed – they’re likely randomised.

Here’s where Wacky Jacky found his drops.

  • Shooting Range
  • Zharki
  • Military Base
  • Ferry Pier
  • School
  • North, South, East and West edges of the map.

What could the Flare Gun mean for upcoming PUBG updates? We reckon it’ll be transitioned into the live servers soon, in the hopes that it’ll draw players into more fights throughout a match. It’s no secret that the game’s mid-game can feel pretty slow for most players, so perhaps a large flashing signal rising into the sky will help bring groups of players together.

Otherwise, we can see the Flare Gun being introduced to game modes where players must chase after those who’ve used them, or emerge the sole owner of the fabled weapon at the end of the match. For now we’ll just have to wait and see!

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