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PUBG: Loot map


Our PUBG: Loot map page features a loot guide for every map in the game, showing the best places to find the highest concentration of powerful weapons, armour and healing items.

There’s no better feeling than kicking off a match with a delicious collection of loot stuffed in your backpack early on. Having an Assault Rifle, healing items and some armour right off the bat can mean the difference between winning and losing. The challenge, of course, is to increase your odds to getting off to that blistering start.

Not every location across PUBG’s collection of maps will offer up a platter of gear when you first land, so it’s all about determining which towns, cities and ruins are rich with a high concentration of goodies before diving in.

Another matter to consider is how dangerous these locations can be. Often the areas with the most loot will also be the most treacherous to navigate, as everyone will be gunning for them the moment they touch the ground.

To help you get up to speed with the best loot spawns for every map in PUBG, we’ve put together a guide that’s based on’s amazing handiwork. You’ll find a heatmap of Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok which show the best locations to plunder.

Make sure you read our The best weapons in the game article for a breakdown of what weapons you should be throwing into your backpack. Our Best armour equipment and items page also features a breakdown of all the other necessities!

Erangel Loot Map

Here’s where you’ll find the highest concentration of loot on Erangel.

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  • Georgopol – Stretching along the coastline, this is an enormous location filled to the brim with loot. Just be mindful of the many other players who’ll be parachuting in to get a piece of the action alongside you.
  • Novorepnoye – Search for loot in the large shipping yard and you’ll likely stumble into some of the strongest gear in the game.
  • Pochinki – A dense complex of houses that’s to be found dead centre of the map. Expect heavy resistance here, but if you can make it out alive you’ll be laughing.
  • Sosnovka Military Base – While it’s not the largest location, it’s easily home to the highest concentration of top tier gear.
  • Yasnaya Polyana – This huge maze of tower blocks is a go-to location for a slice of the best loot. Again, be wary of all the other players who’ll be flocking here with the same intentions.

Miramar Loot Map

Here are the best places to hoover up loot on PUBG’s desert map, Miramar.

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  • Campo Militar – Miramar’s version of Sosnovka Military Base. Great loot, great risk.
  • Hacienda del Patron – If you’re after an immediate bloodbath the moment you touch ground, this is very much the place for you. Survive the onslaught somehow and your pockets will be overflowing with loot.
  • Los Leones – One of the largest locations on Miramar, this place is a real mixture of building types. It’s got everything from high-rises to small shacks. Expect many fights, but a tonne of good gear to compensate for your trouble.
  • Pecado – A real deathtrap, but one that’s worth scouring comprehensively for tasty loot. Head to the casino in the center for a chance at the top tier stuff.
  • Prison – A notorious location and one that’s likely to attract many other players. It contains some seriously powerful weapons and armour, but bear in mind that you’ll often need to loot quickly to be in with a chance of reaching the next circle before taking overwhelming damage.
  • San Martin – Wedged in-between two busy towns, make sure you flush this location out before diving in and looting.

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Sanhok Loot Map

Here are the best places to get ahead of the competition on Sanhok.

Credit goes to for the image.

Sanhok’s much smaller than both Erangel and Miramar, so you’re likely to find decent loot in almost every location. The Paradise Resort and many of the “Camps” you’ll see dotted around the map are particular highlights.

For more help getting to grips with the latest map, make sure you check out our comprehensive Sanhok guide – there’s bound to be something in there to give you an edge!

That concludes the first edition of our PUBG Loot Map, but we’ll continue updating it as more maps are released and further updates are introduced. Keep this page bookmarked for all the latest developments!

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