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PUBG: PC 1.0 Update #14 reworks grenades and nerfs the M24


A new patch is now live on the PC version of PUBG, one which tweaks the way that throwable objects such as grenades function, makes a few tuning changes to weapons and attachments, and also improves some general quality of life and performance issues.

The frag grenade, which recently lost its knockback effect, is being re-tuned back upwards a little thanks to a better effective range and damage output. That should hopefully take a little of the sting out of the last round of changes, and make it more fun and appealing to use again.

The under-utilised stun grenade now affects the target’s vision, hearing and shooting accuracy. It also now has an enhanced effective radius, and there’ll be new animations to indicate when an enemy player has been impacted by the device..

As for Molotov cocktails they now have an increased area of effect, and they can now spread fire along walls and wooden surfaces. Those players caught up in the flames will also experience new debuff effects.

One final headline announcement is that the M24 is being nerfed somewhat. It’s being taken out of care packages and added to general world spawn loot tables.

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PUBG Corp’s internal, brand spanking new anti-cheat system isn’t being applied to the live servers today, but it is about to be applied to the test server. Hop on there and enable anti-cheat in the pop-up window if you’d like to help the developers test it out. It goes without saying that when the anti-cheat system goes onto the live server, you won’t have the option to disable it…

For all the nitty gritty details about performance tweaks and quality of life improvements, head over to the game’s official Steam page where you can read the patch notes in full.

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