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PUBG: Tequila Sunrise guide – Tips, start time and end date


Our PUBG: Tequila Sunrise guides contains details of the event, the start time and the end date. It will be updated with tips, tricks and strategy advice shortly after launch.

A new event is coming to PUBG a little later on today, and it goes by the name of Tequila Sunrise. This is a limited-time event, not unlike those you might be familiar with from dabbling in Fortnite over the last few months.

This new event introduces some special restrictions to keep the gameplay fresh and tightly focused. The limitations are big, the conflict is very likely to be intense, and you can only do it in a squad of four – no solo play here we’re afraid.

In our Tequila Sunrise guide, we’ve got a breakdown of everything that’s currently known about the new mode, including the rules of engagement and the start time. We’ll have tips and strategy advice for playing the event once it’s actually gone live, and we’ve had a chance to play around with it for ourselves!

Read on for everything you need to know about PUBG’s next limited-time event. If you need some help getting started, have a look through our massive PUBG guide which covers all areas of the game.

PUBG: Tequila Sunrise FAQ

Here’s how Tequila Sunrise is going to pan out, and the gear you’ll have available while the mode is live:

  • The mode is for Squads only, so get ready to team up with your buddies.
  • You will only be able to find Shotguns and Melee weapons while playing in Tequila Sunrise.
  • The map for this mode is exclusively Miramar. No matter when or how you queue, you’ll only be able to take part in the event on this map.
  • Shotguns and Melee weapons will spawn on the map at three times their usual rate.
  • No other weapons beyond these will be available while playing Tequila Sunrise.
  • Level 3 Bag / Helmet /Armor items will spawn three times more often than usual.
  • Level 1 versions of the same items will only spawn half as often as usual.
  • All ammunition will spawn at three times the usual rate.
  • The starting safe zone will be smaller than usual, and you’ll be able to see it as soon as you take flight in the plane. This should help make that restricted, up-close combat meaningful from the very start of every match.

Tequila Sunrise Start Time and End Date

Tequila Sunrise begins in the US at 10pm ET, 7PM PT today (5th April). In the UK that’s 3:00am on the 6th April, and 4:00am on the same day in Europe.

We’ve had confirmation that Tequila Sunrise will end on Saturday, April 7th at the same times detailed above. Make sure you get your games in before the opportunity to do so disappears!

PUBG: Tequila Sunrise Tips and Tricks

  • As it’s Shotguns and melee weapons only, you’ll want to pick up any weapons you can find straight off the bat – no need to be choosy here.
  • Later down the line, we’d recommend either choosing the Pump or S686. Both are powerful, accurate and far better than the Sawed Off!
  • In terms of melee weapons, there isn’t much difference between them but we’d prioritise picking up the Pan as it’s got two unique advantages which the others don’t: the ability to insta-kill and deflect bullets.
  • You’ll be engaging in a number of short range fights in Tequila Sunrise, so be ready to get your accuracy on point. It’s crucial that you land your shots as Shotguns aren’t particularly forgiving with their slow fire rate and long reload times. Don’t be afraid to take an extra half-second to get the shot on target.
  • If in doubt, run at someone with a Pan in hand. Strafe constantly while closing the gap and prepare to land a big swing. You’ll be surprised at how the threat of an insta-kill will make them panic and miss!
  • As it’s Squads, don’t forget the fundamentals. Try flanking around opponents and share out resources too.

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