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Radical Heights: How to earn, spend and save cash


How to earn and manage money in Radical Heights.

Our Radical Heights Cash guide contains all the ways you can earn, spend and save cash as well as strategy advice on how you can get money fast.

Boss Key’s Radical Heights carves out its own space in the Battle Royale genre by making cash king. Other similar titles like Fortnite and PUBG only dish out money to players as a reward for completing objectives in game or finishing matches, before it’s used as a way to unlock cosmetics that don’t affect gameplay in the slightest – Radical Heights is very different.

If you want to survive this manic 1980’s Battle Royale game show, then you’ve got to find ways to earn funds. In Radical Heights, cash is used to purchase weapons and armour from special vending machines so it’s mightily important that you’re investing it wisely. Die with an armful of dollars and it’ll all be lost!

Thankfully there are many ways you can save and spend your hard earned cash, and we’ve broken them all down for you below.

Check out our Radical Heights guide for a complete overview of the game!

How to get cash

When you land in Radical Heights, it’s all about getting hold of cash as fast as possible and spending it at vending machines to level up. Here are all the ways you can get hold of cash in the game.

  • Breakable Objects: Objects with floating dollar signs above them can be smashed with your fists for money. Cash machines and coin machines are your best bet.
  • Stacks of Cash: Dotted all over the map are wads of cash, simply run over them to add them to your total.
  • Prize Objects: Objects like TVs and Cassette Players can be collected to increase your cash total. There are different rarities, the higher the rarity, the more cash you’ll earn.
  • Mystery Doors: Out in the game world you’ll sometimes stumble across brightly coloured doors marked with question marks and dollar signs. You’ll have to make a gamble here. Stand on the arrow for long enough and the door will open to reveal some glorious prizes, but loud music will attract any nearby enemies.
  • Prize Boxes: Similar to Prizes, these are scattered across the map. Crack them open and you’ll be rewarded with random weapons, armour and more.
  • Cash Drops: Cash can suddenly rain from the sky at certain points throughout a match. Stand in them to be showered in loads of money!
  • Cash Back: Essentially recycling machines. Throw in unwanted items and it’ll spit cash out., just be careful as you can’t reclaim weapons that have already been destroyed.
  • Eliminations: Fallen enemies drop a chunk of their cash, so make sure you go ahead a loot anyone you’ve taken out.

How to spend cash

Prize Room

When you’re out and about in Radical Heights eliminating other players and exploring the environment, you’ll naturally stumble across cosmetic items. You won’t actually equip them in game, instead they’ll be unlocked in the game’s Prize Room.

Items are purely cosmetic and come in different rarities, with the rarer items having a higher value. You can buy these items using the cash you’ve collected in-game and equip them to make your character even more 80s!

Offshore Accounts (ATM)

You’ll find ATMs dotted throughout Radical Heights’ map. Interact with one and you can either Deposit a certain amount of cash, or choose to Withdraw some. Any cash you deposit will be saved for future matches.

Top Gunz (Vending Machine)

Spot a Top Gun vending machine and you’ll be able to spend your cash on certain weapons of varying rarity.

Gear (Vending Machine)

This is similar to Top Gunz, but for armour.

Urgent Care (Vending Machine)

Drip feed this machine cash and it’ll gradually heal you over time. Of course, if you’re really beaten up it’ll cost you more to get back to full health.

How to save cash

When you die in Radical Heights, you’ll lose all the cash you’ve earned that game. It’s in your best interest (excuse the pun) to save a certain portion of the money you’ve collected so that you’ve got something to work with in future matches.

To save cash, you’ll need to find an Offshore Accounts ATM and choose to Deposit money. You can deposit however much you’d like in $100 increments and we’d recommend doing so every time you’ve got more than enough to hand.

Do be aware that any action will interrupt the transaction, so check if the coast is clear before depositing or withdrawing and wait until the circular bar is completely filled before walking alway.

Video by Koolio Gaming

Saving Tips

  • Try and save a little during each match, this way you’ll always have funds going into another.
  • Sometimes it’s worth depositing a huge chunk of money into your account just so you’ve got a cash-cushion so to speak. This way, if you feel like withdrawing a tonne during one match, it won’t completely deplete your bank balance.
  • Don’t go crazy and withdraw huge amounts in every match. Sometimes it’s best to earn your money in game and only withdraw a small sum if it enables you to purchase a certain powerful weapon or piece of armour. Always build up your balance during the match before turning to the ATM.

That’s all we have for now, but stay tuned for further updates down the line!

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