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Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak guide – Tips, tricks and strategy advice


Our complete guide to the new PVE Outbreak event coming next month.

Our Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak guide contains everything you need to know about the new PVE zombie mode released with Operation Chimera.

To date Rainbow Six Siege has focused on providing an incredible FPS experience that pits attackers versus defenders in maps that promote intense, tactical firefights. Coming with Year 3’s Operation Chimera update though, Outbreak is the first co-op event that moves away from PVP altogether and challenges players to overcome a terrifying PVE challenge.

An infection has spread and a handful of the game’s Operators have been called in to deal with the brand-new threat. Players must work together and use their Operator’s abilities and strengths to progress through three different Outbreak missions, each one of which is filled with enemies infected with a mysterious disease that’s turned them into glowing red zombies.

All of these missions are playable only within the co-op event, and they’re larger than the game’s usual PVP offerings. There’s a real sense of progression here, along with all-new encounters you never would’ve faced before. It’s actually reminiscent of the brilliant Left 4 Dead 2 experience, where you’re shredding hordes of shuffling zombies, defending outposts or tasked with finding data in dangerous, infested zones.

We’ve put together a guide that’ll take you through everything you need to know about Outbreak, including its release date, missions and gameplay. We’ve also thrown in some strategy advice where we’re able to at this stage. Expect more updates on this front down the road.

Make sure you read through our Operation Chimera guide for all the information on Rainbow Six Siege’s new Year 3 content!

Outbreak release date

Rainbow Six Siege’s Outbreak mode is now available to play and runs until April 3rd 2018. This means you’ll have a chance to fend off scary zombie hordes for around an entire month!

Fans have been calling for the game mode to be introduced permanently in-game, so it won’t come as a surprise if Outbreak sticks around for longer than usual.

Outbreak Overview

This is a limited-time PVE event that’s set within an area called Truth or Consequences in New Mexico. The Rainbow team is tasked with investigating a viral threat that’s infected the population and it’ll be split into three unique missions that can’t be found anywhere else in the game.

There will only be a select few Operators playable when diving into the Outbreak mode and you’ll be able to form a team of three to take on the horde. Here’s the full list: Lion, Finka, Ash, Buck, Glaz, Kapkan, Recruit, Tachanka and Ying. Check out the Finka and Lion links for our guides to these new Operators coming with Chimera.

You can choose between two difficulty levels in Outbreak. The first is, as you’d expect, Normal mode. It’s a standard challenge that any team should be able to overcome pretty easily given enough teamwork. If you’re after a tougher time though, the second difficulty mode – Pandemic – is the one to pick. Friendly-fire is turned on here, and enemies will be able to take you down in only a few hits – brutal.

While Outbreak features zombie-like enemies, they aren’t all shambling hordes. There are five different types of foe and below you’ll find a breakdown of them all.

  • Grunts – The most common enemy type in Outbreak. You’ll find them in packs and they’re easy to take down when you’re undetected. If they spot you though, they’ll sprout armour and become more resistant to gunfire.
  • Breachers – These ticking time bombs will launch themselves at you no matter what, so stay sharp and take them out quickly!
  • Rooters – Ensnaring you with their spikes, Rooters can trap you in some pretty nasty spots.
  • Smashers – These hulking great beasts can’t see you but can smack you or charge over you. Trick them into slamming into a wall so you can finish it off quickly while it’s recovering.
  • Apex – These creatures tend to stay towards the back of a group and buff their weaker allies. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ll also lob smoke at you to obscure your vision. Your team’s damage output will also be reduced while these guys are wandering about.

Outbreak Tips and Tricks

As this is the first edition of our guide, this tips sections is very much a work in progress. Stay tuned for a big update very soon!

  • Choose your Operators wisely! Having a diverse range of skills is an absolute must, especially as you’re limited to building a team of three.
  • Equipping a Suppressor can make you harder to detect, which is perfect for staying stealthy and avoiding getting overwhelmed by the horde.
  • A quick melee hit will stagger an enemy and give you enough time to finish them off with something a little more…meaningful.
  • Prioritise certain enemies like the Apex and Rooters, as left unchecked they can cause you some real issues. Take them out first and your chances of survival will skyrocket.
  • It’s important that you stick together when clearing out buildings or seeking out the objective. This’ll prevent you becoming overwhelmed by hordes of enemies and allow you to back eachother up when the going gets tough.
  • Always go for headshots if possible as this does significantly more damage than body shots. This becomes crucial when a wave of enemies is swarming towards you!
  • We’ve found Doc to be an absolute must-have Operator when diving into Outbreak. He’s able to revive you from afar, heal you up when you’ve taken damage and even revive himself. When surviving scenarios that escalate in difficulty, having Doc cover your back is a real blessing.
  • We wouldn’t recommend choosing Kapkan for Outbreak. While his traps are quite handy for catching out opponents in standard competitive matches, they don’t have the same impact against the sheer volume of enemies you’ll encounter in Outbreak.
  • Tachanka’s mounted turret is an excellent form of defense against the horde. It’s simple to operate, provides adequate shielding so you won’t get scratched and you can continuously spew bullets to shred streams of enemies – perfect.

For a complete walkthrough series of every Outbreak mission, make sure you check out Nukem Dukem‘s videos. We’ve linked the first part down below!

That’s the end of the second version of our Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak guide.We’ll keep tearing through it and bring you some more advanced tips and tricks to help you survive the onslaught.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of it in the comments – would you like Ubisoft to do more PVE content for the game, or focus on beefing up the PVP even more?

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