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Realm Royale: Battle Pass guide


Our Realm Royale Battle Pass guide contains everything we know so far about the game’s upcoming Battle Pass feature, including information on its cost and the skins you’ll be able to earn.

First popularised by Fortnite, the Battle Pass progression system has begun finding its way into similar titles in recent weeks. PUBG Mobile now offers players a Royale Pass, and Realm Royale is due to follow suit in the near-future with a Battle Pass of its own.

If you’re unfamiliar with Battle Passes, they’re essentially small investments that’ll give you added incentives to play and work your way through a reward system. Once you’ve spent a few quid on the Pass, you’ll unlock a levelling system which rewards you with all sorts of cosmetics as you climb the ranks. It’s a great way of keeping players interested as they chase the next piece of loot.

While it’s currently not available in the game right now, we’ve got a small amount of information on Realm Royale’s Battle Pass, and have a good idea of how it’ll work thanks to similar titles.

Below we’ve put together a guide that’ll take you through everything we know so far about Realm Royale’s Battle Pass system, including its potential cost, release date, levelling system and rewards. We’ll update this page comprehensively once it goes live!

When you’re done here, it’s worth reading through our core Realm Royale guide as it contains everything you could possibly need to know about the game as well as loads of tips to help you get better at it too!

Realm Royale Battle Pass: Everything we know so far

Here’s everything we know about Realm Royale upcoming Battle Pass, with all the information stemming from Redditor natsuxerza18’s thread over on the Realm Royale subreddit.

  • The Battle Pass will be releasing at the end of June 2018.
  • The game will remain 100% free to play, and the Battle Pass will always be an optional purchase which only rewards players with cosmetic items that provide no gameplay advantage.
  • The Battle Pass has been described as being “cheap”, so we’d guess it’ll be a similar price to that of Fortnite’s Battle Pass. It’s likely to be in the region of £8 – maybe less to compete with the – current – Battle Royale giant.
  • Skins and other cosmetic items have been confirmed.
  • We know that there is a Dino and Donut Chicken Skin on the way, along with a Raptor Mount too!

Datamined by Redditor ClearConscience, here we’ve got an early look at both the Dino and Donut skins which’ll turn your innocent clucker into a cutesy raptor or doughnut.

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What else can we expect from Realm Royale’s Battle Pass?

Here’s a little bit of speculation on what we expect will come from Realm Royale’s Battle Pass. It’s all based on our experience with both Fortnite and PUBG Mobile’s equivalents so don’t take this as concrete information, although we will say that we feel pretty confident that most of this will come true.

Remember, this is all just harmless speculation on our part!

  • We expect the Battle Pass to cost around £7.99.
  • There’s likely to be a seasonal flavour to proceedings, with the launch of the Battle Pass as the beginning of Season 1. Expect new, unique cosmetic items with every Season.
  • We wouldn’t be surprised if there was a more expensive Battle Pass bundle which provided instant bonuses upon purchase.
  • If you want to buy your way through the Battle Pass rankings with real world currency, you will likely be able to do so.
  • There’s also likely to be a free Battle Pass for all players, which will entice them into purchasing the real deal once they’ve had a taste of the upgrades.
  • There’ll almost certainly be a levelling system with the Battle Pass. If Fortnite and PUBG Mobile are anything to go by, you’ll earn unique cosmetic and EXP rewards as you level up your Pass.
  • Personal performance in matches, as well as daily or weekly challenges, will likely contribute to earning special points which will be used to rank up your Battle Pass.
  • We expect to see the following: Mount Skins, Chicken Skins, Class Skins, Weapon Skins, Emotes, EXP boosters and more. Perhaps even Armour and Ability Skins or modifiers too?
That concludes the first edition of our Realm Royale Battle Pass guide but we’ll be back with another big update when it goes live later this month – stay tuned!

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