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Realm Royale: Best loot spots and places to land


This article explains the best loot spots and places to land in Realm Royale, so you can get geared up ahead of the competition.

If you’ve been playing much of Realm Royale since the Alpha went live around the middle of last week, then you’ll well understand the importance of getting down on the ground fast and getting something – anything – that’s better than your starting dagger. [How to land faster in Realm Royale]

As you roam the map you’ll be able to collect an impressive array of ability upgrades, weapons and armour pieces, but what are the best loot spots on the map and where should you think about heading to when you first leap out of that blimp?

Fortunately a few videos have started to emerge that highlight some of the juiciest loot locations available in Realm Royale, and we’ve benefited the most ourselves from watching Covert’s overview of the subject. In this article we’ve embedded the video for you and provided some quick notes on why each zone is so good. Watch the whole video though, as it explains the thinking in much more detail.


This location can be found underneath the massive mountain here, and you’re going to need to head to either the left or the right of the mountain to actually gain access to it. Not only is there a nice collection of chests to be found down here, there’s also a Forge if you’ve got the necessary Shards to spend. [How to get more Shards and spend them at the Forge]

When you’re done actually looting the Underpass, you can find a collection of barns and other buildings just to the left of the zone. As it’s not a named location you’re quite likely to be left alone to simply rummage through every room and grab everything you need from the chests that are sprinkled about the place.

Jade Gardens

Covert recommends landing towards the centre of this region and then exploring the smaller buildings surrounding it. If you want to start stashing some potions, you can then head to the Forge that’s in the centre of this zone.


This is a relatively quiet zone with lots of trees to provide you with a little extra protection as you scavenge the surrounding area. The building towards the south of this spot features towers containing chests. You’ve also got a pretty nice vantage point from here as well as you can monitor the activity of any other players who have had the same idea as you…

Once you’re done exploring this main section, head out and loot the rest of the buildings that are tucked all around in this zone. Explore thoroughly though, as some of the chests are tucked away in some pretty obscure places.

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Gun Town

The best zone in the desert part of the map for getting an early loot spot. There are lots of houses dotted around the zone and they’re all stuffed with plenty of chests. For whatever reason, the desert area is often underpopulated by players. Keep in mind that the Forge in this location has a lot of loot nearby – just be careful of other players who want to craft, of course.


Expect a lot of competition here as players tend to gravitate towards this zone, but head towards the frozen pond and you’ll find loads of buildings that you can start looting. The Forge here is a great starting point as there’s a lot of loot to be had. Just make sure you explore all the buildings here thoroughly.

The video itself goes into a lot more detail about finding invidivual chests and properly investigating each zone, so make sure you give the whole thing a watch before putting this advice into practise.Covert publishes some great videos on a range of Battle Royale games, so give this video a thumbs-up if you found it useful, and consider subscribing to the channel as well.

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