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Realm Royale: Best Weapons – Assassin, Engineer, Hunter, Mage & Warrior


Our Realm Royale Best Weapons page contains a list of all the best weapons in the game for the Hunter, Engineer, Assassin, Mage and Warrior classes.

Despite Realm Royale’s cutesy cartoon aesthetic, your goal is still very much to gun down 95-99 other players (depending on the mode you’re playing) and emerge the last person or team standing. To achieve this, you’ll need to crack open chests and eliminate other players for powerful weapons, armour and items.

There’s even a Forge on the map which allows you to craft special Legendary gear that’ll decimate your opponents. Each class can craft and wield their own unique Legendary Weapon, each one of which is a major cut above the rest – you don’t want to be on the receiving end when faced with one of these things.

If you want to increase your odds of bagging a Crown Royale, you’ll want to grab some of the strongest weapons in the game and let loose on the competition. Below we’ve highlighted all the best weapons specific to each class, so you can get a better idea of what you’ll want to pack in your arsenal.

Just keep in mind that that there’s no substitute for picking a weapon that suits your personal playstyle. With that said, you can certainly use this article as guidance to sort through some of the weaker options!

When you’re done here, make sure you read through our Realm Royale guide as it contains everything you could possibly need to know about the game!

Realm Royale: Best Weapons

Below we’ve broken up the best weapons specific to each class, which should make it easier to identify what weapons you should loot for your favourite character.


  • 1. Sniper Rifle (Assassin Legendary)
  • 2. Shotgun (Epic)
  • 3. Sword (Legendary)

Easily one of the strongest weapons in the game, the Sniper Rifle’s capable of downing an enemy in one hit and is incredibly strong when it comes to long-range engagements. The Shotgun’s a nice short-range weapon to pair it with, while the Sword is a powerful alternative that works well with the Assassin’s disruptive abilities.

Our Realm Royale Assassin guide has loads of tips and ability build suggestions if you need a bit of help getting started with this class.


  • 1. Plasma Launcher (Engineer Legendary)
  • 2. Shotgun (Epic)
  • 3. Rifle (Legendary)

Treat the Plasma Launcher like a short-range grenade launcher and it’ll devastate enemies at short to mid-range distances. The Shotgun’s also a brilliant alternative, while the Rifle makes for a decent long-range tool that isn’t as unforgiving as the Heirloom equivalent.

Take a look at our in-depth Realm Royale Engineer guide if you need a little help mastering this powerful class.


  • 1. Longbow (Hunter Legendary)
  • 2. Heirloom Rifle (Legendary)
  • 3. Shotgun (Epic)

Hunter’s thrive in fights where they can outmaneuver enemies, keep them at a distance and rattle off shots that’ll really put a dent in the health bar. The Longbow’s an incredibly versatile weapon that can be charged up a little or a lot depending on whether you need to take out an enemy at short or long range. The Heirloom’s a faster firing alternative, while the Shotgun will complement your primary nicely.

For help playing this class, look no further than our Realm Royale Hunter guide. It’s got an overview of every ability and tips for making the best use of each one.

More Realm Royale guides



  • 1. Stone Spear (Mage Legendary)
  • 2. Shotgun (Epic)
  • 3. Rifle (Legendary)

You’d think a Mage wouldn’t thrive at close-range, but their ability to rush down enemies with Soar and disrupt with Ice Block means that this definitely isn’t the case.

The Stone Spear fires a burst of three projectiles that deal damage over time, which is effectively a super-powered shotgun. Again, the regular Shotgun works as a strong starting weapon, while the Rifle will offer some long range capabilities.

Make sure you check out our Mage guide for tips and tricks, advice on picking the best abilities and weapon choices too!


  • 1. Throwing Axe (Warrior Legendary)
  • 2. Shotgun (Epic)
  • 3. Heirloom Rifle (Legendary)

While the Throwing Axe requires a bit of getting used to, it’s capable of dealing 800 damage per hit and garner further damage the longer they travel – you’re looking at 1,200 per hit! The Shotgun makes for a nice short-range secondary weapon, while the Heirloom provides some much-needed long-range damage at a distance.

Our Warrior guide will help you get to grips with this aggressive class!

That concludes the first edition of our Best Weapons page, but we’ll keep it updated as Realm Royale continues to evolve over time – stay tuned for all the latest!

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