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Realm Royale: Duo Tips, Tricks and Strategy Advice


Our Realm Royale Duo Tips, Tricks and Strategy Advice article contains a list of the best ways to get kills, survive and ultimately increase your chances of earning more Crown Royales in duo queue.

Stepping into a match of Realm Royale with a friend in tow is an entirely different experience to one where you’re out in the battlefield fending for yourself. It’s no less intense, but you’ll be able to share the sweet embrace of death as a clucking chicken and crucially, information.

We’re huge fans of duos in Realm Royale as it’s a test of communication and coordination between you and your partner which determines the success of fights – it’s not all about who’s got the best aim. So long as you’re delivering details on enemy positions, what they’re wielding and more, you’ll be in a good position to take the Crown Royale.

Playing duos has its own dynamic that’s unlike both solo and squad matches, so we’ve put together a guide below that’ll help you get better at working as a partnership and get to donning the Crown Royales.

When you’re done here, our comprehensive Realm Royale guide contains everything you could possibly need to know about the game!

Realm Royale: Duo Tips

Here’s a list of some invaluable do specific advice that’ll cover quite a few things that you’ll want to take note of when playing with an ally.

  • It goes without saying that you’ll want to be sharing important info regularly throughout the match. If you spot an enemy in the distance, call it out. If you’ve found a powerful spare weapon, let your friend know. Even just saying how many Shards you’ve got or what’s in your loadout is useful and will get you on the same page.
  • Choose classes that’ll complement each other if you’re going for the win. For example, the Assassin can land powerful shots from a distance, while the Warrior can get up close and finish them off.
  • When it comes to positioning, try and stick fairly close to one another so you can provide some supporting fire if things go South.
  • If you’re engaged in a firefight, don’t be afraid to get creative. Have someone get on the flank or go aggressive at the same time to overwhelm the enemy.
  • Managed to get someone in chicken form? Do your best to finish them off quickly but don’t get tunnel vision and chase them down instantly. Focus on taking out their ally first!
  • If you’re in chicken form while your teammate is fighting, it’s best to leg it while the enemies are distracted. This’ll significantly increase your chances of surviving.
  • Remember that you can forge multiple items simultaneously.
  • Do your best to land near each other that you’re not stepping on one another’s toes for loot but able to support each other if there’s an enemy or two lurking in the shadows.
  • Make sure you pick your fights carefully. It’s easy to spot someone and go for the shot instantly, but you may not be in the best position to do so. Check your positioned well and see if you’re partner’s able to get in on the action with you before going in for the kill.
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That concludes the first edition of our duos guide but we’ll be expanding on it as we get some more hands on time with the game. Stay tuned!

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