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Realm Royale: How to get the Jailbird Chicken Skin


This page will guide you through how to get the Jailbird Chicken Skin in Realm Royale.

Unlike another very popular Battle Royale game – PUBG – which celebrates the delicious taste of a Chicken Dinner, Realm Royale shines a different kind of light on the bird itself. When your health is reduced to zero you’ll temporarily transform into a clucking chicken with one last chance to escape death.

Survive 25 seconds in this state – with no access to abilities or weapons – and you’ll be transformed back into your original form, with the opportunity to exact some sweet revenge on your target.

While Realm Royale carves out its own space in the Battle Royale genre with its classes, forging and skill-based combat, it’s the chicken form that’s captivated the community’s attention in these early days. Clearly Hi-Rez know this and has released their first ever chicken skin!

Below we’ve put together a complete walkthrough on how you can get hold of the Jailbird Chicken Skin in Realm Royale.

When you’re done here, make sure you take a look at our Realm Royale guide as it contains an evergrowing number of tips and articles on how to get better at the game!

How to get the Jailbird Chicken Skin

First things first, you can only get this by streaming the game on Mixer and appearing in the HypeZone. What does this mean?

Basically you’ll need to stream yourself playing Realm Royale on the streaming service Mixer and then reach a point where you’re close to a victory or “Crown Royale”. Mixer will identify that you’re close to the win and will automatically enter you into the “HypeZone” where all eyes are on you.

Note that you don’t need to actually win the match at this point. All you have to do earn the skin is enter the HypeZone!

So, here’s how to get Mixer up and running with OBS, Xplit and Windows Gamebar.

  • You’ll need to first of all download the Realm Royale Alpha client from Steam. Check out our Realm Royale installation guide if you need any help with this part.
  • Now you need to sign into Mixer with your Microsoft account. If you’ve not got one, go ahead and create one before logging in.
  • In Mixer, go to your profile in the top right corner by clicking the little portrait icon and select “Manage Channel”.
  • You’ll be presented with a Stream Setup page. Set the details of your stream in each of the boxes, including your stream’s title, what game you’re streaming, so on and so forth.
  • When you’re done, select “Stream Setup” and you’ll get a choice of what streaming software you want to use. Make sure you follow the instructions and get all that stuff downloaded, installed and set up according to each individual client’s instructions.
  • Now hit the “Regenerate Stream Key” icon and it’ll copy your stream code to the Clipboard. You’ll only need this for OBS.
  • For OBS, head into your streaming software, go into your settings, followed by “Stream” and paste your key into the “Stream Key” section.
  • For Xplit, head into the broadcaster, select “Outputs” at the top left, choose Mixer and login.
  • For Windows Gamebar press the [Windows Key] and [G] together and click, “Yes, this is a game.” If you’re in Realm Royale, all you have to do is click “Broadcast”, sign in with your Mixer account and you’ll be up and running once you’ve clicked “Broadcast.”

We found this video by “Tigwyk Plays Games (and drinks Scotch)” exceptionally helpful while figuring all this stuff out, so give it a watch and consider subscribing to his channel!

Now it’s a case of streaming the game while the Mixer Hypezone is active. Note that at the time of publishing the article, Hypezone is running for a limited period of time between 7:30PM EDT on June 11th and June 18th.

To earn the skin you’ll need to get featured on the Mixer Hypezone by being close to a Crown Royale. When your time in the Mixer Hypezone is done, you’ll be whispered a code for the Jailbird Chicken Skin. For this to work, make sure your “Whispers” are turned on.

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