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Realm Royale: How to land faster


On this page you’ll learn how to land faster in Realm Royale, so you can start looting ahead of the competition.

Once you’ve fired up a game of Realm Royale and chosen your choice of class, it’s off into the blimp and away you go as you embark on a flight across the map. You’ve got around 35 seconds or so to choose your jump spot before you’re automatically booted out of the plane, but how do you land faster once you’ve actually taken the plunge?

It’s actually pretty simple. Once you’ve aligned yourself neatly with your preferential landing spot on the map, all you have to do is hold down the W key. That’s on the PC version at least, and we imagine that when the game inevitably hits consoles you’ll simply need to push whatever button is mapped to forward movement.

When you do hold down W you’ll notice that your body angles itself downwards so that you’re approaching the dirt in a more heads-first orientation. This will speed up your descent significantly, giving you a chance to get down on the ground and start looting abilities, armour and weapons ahead of the competition.Just keep in mind that there is no parachute or glider to make use of in Realm Royale, and so you’ve no option to glide with any kind of finesse towards the location of your choosing. Instead, you should try to “body-glide” without pressing W until you get reasonably close to the ideal landing spot, then go into a full throttle nosedive to hit the dirt nice and quickly.

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Practise makes perfect when it comes to aligning yourself correctly, but we think you’ll pick it up after a few attempts. The process of landing on target is certainly simpler than it is in Fortnite or PUBG, so if you’ve any experience with those games you’ll have no trouble here.There you go! You now know how to land faster in Realm Royale. Don’t forget to check out our core Realm Royale guide if you’d like more help with the game.

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