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Realm Royale: How to queue for a solo match


Feeling brave? Here's how you can queue up to play solo in Realm Royale.

This page explains how to queue for a solo match in Realm Royale by bypassing the Auto Fill option in the set-up screen.

UPDATE – 11th JUNE 2018

It looks as though Hi-Rez has added a Solo option to Realm Royale. To join a game on your own, simply hit Play, then select Solo and wait for the matchmaking process to finish!


Realm Royale is the latest in a growing line of Battle Royale games to hit Early Access on Steam, but as well as offering up the usual fight-to-the-death with 99 other players, it also adds some pretty unique crafting and fantasy flavours to this growing genre.

You have Mages that can fling around fireballs, for example, and Warriors who like to get up close and personal before smashing their prey in the face. Hunters, Assassins and Engineers round out the roster – all very familiar and welcome archetypes.

At the moment when you log in you’ll only have the option of playing in pairs or with three other players. How do you queue up for a solo match in Realm Royale though?

Well, there is a method but it’s important to note that by doing so you’ll be giving yourself a pretty dramatic disadvantage in battle. When you hit Play and attempt to queue for a match you’ll currently – at the time of publishing – be presented with two options: Duo or Squad.

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There’s one other option on this list, however. If you look closely you’ll notice that below these two options is a checkbox called Fill Team. If you disable this option, then you’ll be able to queue up for a match and no other players will be added to your group.

This means though that everyone else in the game will likely be playing in coordinated teams of two or four. For that reason, it probably makes sense to choose the Duo option if you’re going down this route, so you’re just having to go up against a pair of players working together rather than an entire team!

You should probably take a look at our core Realm Royale guide if you want to try this approach, as it contains links to all of our in-depth guide material for playing different classes. We’ve also got a page dedicated to getting more Shards and spending them at the Forge. Good luck!

All this will certainly make for some amusing Twitch streams in the days and weeks ahead of the Alpha, and we’re hopeful that a proper Solo mode will make it into the final release version of Realm Royale. Keep an eye on the homepage for all of our latest guides concerning the game!

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