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Realm Royale Skins: Chickens, Mounts & Classes


Our Realm Royale skins page contains a regularly updated list of all the skins for Chickens, Mounts and Classes in the game.

Even in a refreshingly different class-based game like Realm Royale, you’re still going to be bumping into players sporting exactly the same garb as you. Part of the appeal of online shooters is the ability to stand out from the crowd with different outfits and showing off your personality by dressing up your characters in sleek or goofy skins.

While only the Chicken skins are currently live in Realm Royale, we know that there are going to be other outfit options arriving in the future. Both classes and mounts will be getting all sorts of weird, wacky and downright snazzy skins that’ll add some much needed flavour to the default options we’re currently locked into.

Below we’ve put together a guide that contains all the skins currently available in Realm Royale, and we’ll be constantly updating it as they’re added to the game. Keep this page bookmarked if you want a glance at all the skins as soon as they’re released!

When you’re done here, make sure you have a read through our core Realm Royale guide as it contains everything you could possibly want to know about the game, as well as a bunch of articles on how to get better too!

All Realm Royale Skins

Chicken Skins


While this skin is a bit tricky to claim, we’ve put together a guide that walks you through the entire process step by step [How to get the Jailbird Chicken skin].

Just a few words of warning before you start though, because you might need to get pretty good at the game before you can add this one to your collection. You’ll need to get close to earning a Crown Royale as part of the process, and that means making it to the list of the final few players!

Dino and Donut (Datamined)

Datamined by Redditor ClearConscience, here we’ve got an early look at both the Dino and Donut skins which’ll turn your innocent clucker into a cutesy raptor or a little doughnut. These aren’t actually in the game right now, but we expect them to be added in a future patch.

More Realm Royale guides


Mount SkinsHi-Rez hasn’t released any Mount skins in-game just yet, but we expect all sorts of interesting skins that’ll modify your main mode of transport. We’re particularly excited for the prospect of hopping on the back of different creatures, both wacky and fantastical. Will we see mechanical Mounts like motorbikes? Or exotic animals like tigers? For now we’ll just have to wait and see.


Currently all the classes only have one default skin, but we’ll definitely see some sweet new outfits for the Assassin, Engineer, Hunter, Mage and Warrior in due course. We’ll be sure to update this section once they go live – or are at least teased by Hi-Rez Studios – so stay tuned!

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