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Realm Royale: Solo Tips, Tricks and Strategy Advice


Our Realm Royale Solo Tips, Tricks and Strategy Advice article contains a number of tips which will increase your chances of earning a Crown Royale.

Hopping into a game of Realm Royale by your lonesome can be pretty intimidating. It’s just you against 99 other players, all of whom are out for your blood. You won’t have a buddy to discuss tactics, share loot or spot enemies with, so you’ll need to rely on your own wits if you’re to emerge the last person standing.

To help you get to grips with solo queue in Realm Royale, we’ve put together a selection of tips that cover all aspects of the game, and will hopefully have an impact on your standings in the rankings system.

When you’re done here, it’s worth checking out our core Realm Royale guide as it covers every last area of the game and will help you get up and running in no time at all!

Solo Tips and Tricks

Here are some helpful pointers to increase your chances of earning that Crown Royale.

  • It’s important to choose your landing spot wisely as it could determine the outcome of the match. If you’re going for the win, it’s best to land further away from the circle in the hope that it’ll be a bit quieter and you’ll have some time to loot and gear up. On the other hand, dropping in a busy location in the centre of the circle will yield more fights and the potential to nab all the spoils. Check out our guide to the best landing spots in Realm Royale if you want some guidance on getting geared up fast.
  • Whenever you’re out and about looting, get into the habit of disenchanting absolutely everything you don’t have a use for. It only takes a second and you’ll start racking up Shards which you can use at the Forge to create the best equipment in the game. Essential stuff this, as bagging your Legendary Weapon fast can make a big difference.
  • Remember that you can Forge multiple items, so don’t be afraid to get three or more items brewing at once. This will save you precious time!
  • Don’t forget that you can use [Z] to hop on your Mount to travel long distances a little quicker. Do bear in mind that it’ll render you vulnerable while you summon your horse, and it’ll go on cooldown for a few seconds once you’ve mounted up.
  • It’s important to give all the classes a try and settle on one that suits your playstyle. Looking to go aggressive? Warrior might be for you. Want to fight at range? Hunter’s a good choice. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, so choose a class you feel most comfortable with, and is one that you enjoying playing above all else.
  • It goes without saying that you should be equipping weapons and armour of a higher rarity than those you already own. They’ll provide better stats, like increased damage, speedier reloads and higher damage reduction.
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Video by Makkers 96

  • There’s no fall damage in Realm Royale so don’t be afraid to leap from great heights!
  • If you’ve managed to get someone in chicken form, be aware of your surroundings while you’re chasing them down. You never know who could be lurking in the shadows…
  • It’s important to get your mouse sensitivity settings just right, so adjust them through the options menu or within your mouse software to sharpen your aim.
  • In order to win it’s absolutely vital that you’re collecting shards and using the Forge to craft as much Legendary gear as possible. Compared to a standard set of gear you’ll be able to take far more damage and dish out tonnes more too.
  • When you’re landing, try and crash into doorways and ledges to get straight to the looting before your opponents do.
  • If you’re in chicken form jump through windows and disappear into buildings to increase your chances of survival if possible. Play some mind games and try and trick your opponents into thinking you’ve moved in one direction, when you’re in fact moving in the other.
That concludes the first edition of our solo tips guide but we’ll continue to update it over time and as we get some more hands on time with the game!

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