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Recruit Shaman deck list guide – Hearthstone – Kobolds – January 2018


Our primer guide for the new archetype to hit Kobolds and Catacombs.

Our Recruit Shaman deck list guide features the best deck list for Season 46 (January 2018). Our Recruit Shaman guide also contains card combos and strategy tips.

Recruit Shaman is a distinctly off-meta Hearthstone deck that’s nevertheless starting to see a little bit of play on the ladder. The hero’s not exactly spoilt for options right now, and so despite this being a very experimental deck we wanted to take a moment to highlight it on geeksplatform. Just be careful crafting any cards you can’t use elsewhere!

The general idea behind playing the deck is to exploit the new Recruit keyword – specifically the new card Guild Recruiter. The prime targets in this context are Drakkari Defender and Flamewreathed Faceless, which can provide you with a huge advantage whenever the move comes off on curve. You also have access to a sprinkling of Jade synergies, and the classic Ancenstral Spirit / Earth Elemental combo too.

If that all makes this sound like a deck that’s trying to do too many things without excelling at any of them…well, that’s probably the case to be honest. Still, if you have the cards and you don’t mind doing a little ladder science, you should definitely give it a go – the element of surprise works in your favour as well.

Because this is such a niche deck right now, our guide to playing it is thinner than usual. For now we’ve highlighted a deck list that’s seeing play right now, then broken down all of the card combos it contains. If the deck is refined and becomes competitive, we’ll update it further with the detailed strategy and Mulligan advice you’ve come to expect from us.

Deck list created by Wumbostyle

Shaman Neutral
2 x Ancestral Spirit 2 x Guild Recruiter
1 x Devolve 1 x Aya Blackpaw
2 x Jade Claws 2 x Corridor Creeper
2 x Maelstrom Portal
2 x Drakkari Defender
2 x Far Sight
2 x Feral Spirit
1 x Healing Rain
2 x Lightning Storm
2 x Flamewreathed Faceless
1 x Hex
2 x Jade Lightning
2 x Earth Elemental
1 x Thing from Below
1 x Lesser Sapphire Spellstone

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAaoIBv4F+6oClL0C9r0Cw9IC8+cCDO4BlAP1BLIG9Qj3qgKgtgKHvALRvAL+zQL70wL15wIA

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Here’s how the cards combo together with this deck:

Ancestral Spirit will grant a friendly minion a Deathrattle effect which resummons it straight back onto the board. A prime – and annoying – combo in this deck is with Earth Elemental or Flamewreathed Faceless.

– When cast, Devolve will transform every enemy minion into a random minion that costs one Mana less than the original.

– The following cards create Jade Golems: Jade Claws, Jade Lightning and Aya Blackpaw. The first Jade Golem you summon has 1 / 1 stats, the second 2 / 2, the third 3 / 3 and so on.

Thing from Below costs one Mana less for each Hero Power totem you summoned earlier on in the match.

Lesser Sapphire Spellstone can be upgraded by Overloading three Mana each time. The second version of the spell summons two copies of a friendly minion, and the final version summons three.

– When you play Far Sight you’ll draw a card from your deck. It will then cost three Mana less than it typically would.

Guild Recruiter has two targets in this deck – Drakkari Defender and Flamewreathed Faceless – and both will provide you with a significant advantage if you can play the Recruiter on curve.

– Finally, Corridor Creeper is an amazing new card that becomes one Mana cheaper every time a minion on the board dies. The Creeper only gains this reduction if it’s sitting in your hand at the time though, not your deck pile.

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