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Red Dead Redemption 2: Masks locations guide – where to get all masks


How to get all the masks in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Masks guide contains a list of where to find and buy every mask in-game.

As outlaw Arthur Morgan, there’s no getting away from criminal activity. Throughout the game’s story you’ll often need to engage in some less than lawful moments, like robbing trains or stealing wagons.

Sometimes though, engaging in nasty business can erupt out of the most mundane scenarios – that’s the Wild West for you. Whether you’re holding up shop owners or clearing out a bar with your revolvers, you’ll need to don a mask if you want to stay unidentifiable.

Forget to wear your mask and your honor will drop significantly, so it’s best to make a habit of donning one before committing a crime. Eventually it’ll become second nature when you’re a hardened veteran who’s seen it all, but there will come a point where the default bandana might not do it for you. Worry not, for there are a number of masks available to find and buy.

Below we’ll outline how to get all the masks in Red Dead Redemption 2 and the benefits they bring to a bad situation.

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Where to find and buy all masks

There are five masks in total which you can buy from fences dotted around the game world.

  • Executioner Hood
  • Canvas Sack Hood
  • Metal Skull Mask
  • Psycho Mask
  • Cloth Mask

However, there are a total of four rare masks hidden around the game world. To find them, you simply need to head to the locations we’ve listed below and grab them. There aren’t any NPCs to battle or missions to complete, so the only thing which will take a while is travelling to each location.

  • Pagan Mask: Worn by a ritual sacrifice, northwest of Owanjila.
  • Pig Mask: Hanging off a chain outside a butcher’s shop in Butcher Creek, north of Van Horn Trading Post.
  • Ram Skull Mask: It’s in Rathskeller Fork farm in New Austin, northeast Cholla Springs. It’s hanging in a nearby sheep pen.
  • Cat Skull Mask: In one of the sunken shacks in Lakay. Hanging above a wooden box.

For an in-depth walkthrough of where to find all of these rare masks, make sure you give MELOO’s video a watch below. It’s extremely useful and well worth watching while you’re playing the game to find them more easily.

Video by MELOO

Things to note…

– When you’re wearing a mask, make sure you never wear one in front of a lawman as they’ll see through your disguise straight away.

– If you’re committing a crime, make sure you wear a mask before entering the area, and ride off quickly once the deed has been done.

– If a lawman spotted you wearing a mask, and you return later, everyone (including strangers) will recognise you. You’ll need to change both horse and outfit if you want to return to an area in which you may have been seen.

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