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Red Dead Redemption 2: Vampire location guide – How to find the vampire


Here's how to find the vampire in Saint Denis.

Our Red Dead Redemption 2: Vampire location guide explains how to find the vampire, track down all the graffiti spots around Saint Denis and how to summon the vampire.

Turns out there’s a blood-sucking vampire lurking in the backstreets of Saint Denis, and there’s a secret side mission to track him down. It involves finding a number of graffiti spots around the city, before visiting his hunting grounds.

It’s definitely one of the trickiest encounters to trigger in Red Dead Redemption 2, as you can totally miss it if you’ve not explored every nook and cranny of Saint Denis. The vast majority of players simply won’t have, so it’s unsurprising that many people don’t know he exists.

So, if you want to find him then we’ve put together a handy guide detailing exactly how. It also goes without saying that everything below is spoiler territory, so if you’d rather track down this spooky individual without any help, then don’t read ahead.

How to find the vampire in Red Dead Redemption 2

Get your Van Helsing inspired gear on, because we’re going on a hunt. To track down the vampire, you’ve got to find five different graffiti spots around the big city of Saint Denis.

Here’s where all the vampire graffiti locations are:

This video by Upper Echelon Gamers offers a fantastic explanation of each location and walks you through each and every one. Make sure you give it a watch and consider subscribing to his channel for more useful content like this.

  • Graffiti #1: Located directly north of the “N” in “Denis”. It’s a line of white graffiti text between two double doors.
  • Graffiti #2: Walk east down the street and stand just outside the arched entrance which leads to the trapper. Just to the right of this entrance is a metal gate. Head through, and look to your left almost immediately as there is some red graffiti on the wall.
  • Graffiti #3: Just behind the butcher and the general store on the map. Run through the butcher’s shop and white graffiti text will be directly on your right, facing the street.
  • Graffiti #4: There’s another piece of graffiti tucked away in an alley directly east of the “Show” icon. For further reference, it’s northeast of the stagecoach symbol. The entrance to the alleyway is marked by “The Majestic Tailors” sign depicting a cheetah, as well as a large Sally Cola painting on the side of the building. Run in, take a right, walk through the tiny square, turn left through the swing doors, go up the alley and follow it as it turns a left corner. There is a wooden chair and just above it, red graffiti.
  • Graffiti #5: The final piece of graffiti is in the exact same alleyway. Start from the Sally Cola painting and head all the way to the end of the alley and through the entrance. Go up the stairs, through the archway, take the stairs up, take an immediate right, look to your left as you go down a very short flight of stairs and you will face some red graffiti on the wall.

We’ve also snipped a map from which displays all of the vampire graffiti locations if you’re after a quick visual overview.

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How to find and summon the vampire

Find and examine each of these graffiti points and Arthur will jot down a star symbol which pinpoints the St. Denis Cathedral as the vampire’s location.

Next up, you’ll need to make sure the in-game time is between 00:00 and 01:00. To do this, purchase a pocket watch from the general store and press down of the D-Pad to check the time. If it’s not night time, rent a room in a nearby saloon and sleep off the day.

Proceed to the location marked on your map in the dead of night and it’ll take you to the south side of the cathedral. Open up your map and you should see a small black ‘X’ has now appeared. It’s the same little black marker as those which denote corpses on the minimap.

If this marker has appeared – it’s a great sign and means you’ve triggered the encounter. Walk into the alleyway and you’ll encounter the vampire getting up to no good. It’s at this point you’ll need to make a decision, so come prepared for anything. Depending on which choice you make, a special weapon could be yours!

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