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Riot Games is making a spiritual successor to Counter Strike, that’s also a bit Overwatch


And it has plenty more in the works too…

During its League of Legends 10 Year Anniversary Celebration live stream, Riot Games not only showed off plenty of new features coming to LoL, but a whole host of future projects it’s currently working on.

Almost everything it showcased is a while off yet, but it’s all still very exciting. There’s a competitive shooter, a fighting game and ports galore. Below we’ve rounded up all the key announcements.

Every League of Legends 10th Anniversary Announcement

Here’s what Riot has in store for us, starting with it’s flagship title:

League of Legends

New Champion

Initially teased during the first day of Worlds 2019, Riot officially announced that it’s bringing a new champion to the Rift. Named Senna, she’ll be the first Support champion who’ll play like a Marksman and you can watch her reveal in the video above.

Gameplay Changes

Riot’s also making some big gameplay changes to League of Legends in 2020, with The Rise of the Elements preseason update. It’s introducing what Riot’s dubbed the “elemental rift system” which impacts how elemental drakes work. As teams take them down, one element will eventually dominate the rift and “permanently alter the map”. So much so, that “no one game will play out the same as the last”.

For example, Cloud Drakes will now turn pathways into wind tunnels that increase movement speed, while Infernal Drakes will knock down walls in the jungle.

Riot’s also making some fundamental tweaks to the map. Top and Bottom will get new alcoves “to shake up vision control and ganks”, and it’s adding some new brush by the blue buff river entrances.

For a proper in-depth look at everything arriving with preseason 2020, head over to the official LoL Game Updates blog post.

LoL: Mobile and Console

League of Legends is coming to mobile and console in 2020. It’s a reworked version of the game called Wild Rift, with tweaks to certain abilities to make them more accessible for these platforms.

LoL: Esports Manager

That’s right, there’s a League of Legends esports manager game arriving sometime in the future. Presumably it’ll work similarly to the likes of Football Manager, where you’ll invest in players and teams, and control things from the sidelines.

Here’s Riot’s blog post which goes a bit deeper into how it’ll work.

Teamfight Tactics

Seasonal Sets

Teamfight Tactics will be getting seasonal refreshes entitled “Seasonal Sets”. A couple of times per year, it’ll rotate in new champions, origins, classes and items.

The first seasonal set is coming to live servers in just three weeks, and it’s called Rise of the Elements just like League’s preseason update.

It will include new origins, like Desert, Inferno and Poison. New classes include Summoners and Mystics too. New Champions will include Lux, Annie and Olaf. Even old favourites like Zed will return with “new twists”.

This new update is hitting the PBE on October 22nd – lovely.

TFT Mobile

Oh, and there’s a mobile version of TFT coming that’ll be cross platform with PC players. You can sign up for all the latest on Riot’s official TFT page.

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra is a free to play competitive card game based around LoL’s universe. It’s focused on skill and using special Champion cards to your advantage.

For more info, check out our Legends of Runeterra guide.

Projects A, L and F

Project A

One of the most exciting announcements of the lot (at least to us), was Riot’s reveal of Project A, a competitive hero shooter which looks like Counter Strike and Overwatch’s love child.

Aesthetically, it’s a lot like Counter Strike, with a clean UI, simple models and quick time-to-kill. However, it adds a twist to the classic formula with hero abilities, the likes of which create walls and revive teammates. Riot’s CEO nicolo says “shooting matters” and from what we’ve seen, it certainly looks the case.

Project L

This one’s a ways off yet, but there’s a League of Legends fighting game in the works. It’s reminiscent of Street Fighter with LoL Champions and you can see a short clip of it in the video below, starting at 3:18:

Project F

Finally, Project F wasn’t formally announced but teased in a short clip in the same video above. From the outset, it looks like Riot’s developing a Diablo-esque co-operative looter. Either way, this one won’t be out for a while, but we’ll keep you posted on site if any swings our way.

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