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Should Hero cards be banned from Arena? – Hearthstone


Kripp makes the case for excluding Hero cards from the format altogether.

Should Hero cards – the new Legendaries introduced with the Frozen Throne expansion – be banned from Hearthstone’s Arena mode.

It’s a question that’s cropped up alongside general community concerns about the new synergy draft system, which provides certain synergistic card options to you in the first few picks of any given Arena draft.

Kripparian has recently published a new video where he makes an argument squarely for the Yes camp. He does so for a number of reasons, which we’ve summarised after the video in question which also includes a number of games which shine a light on this problem:

Here’s a general summary of his arguments:

– Not all hero cards are instantly game-winning, but some of them – like Priest, Warlock (with Demons) and the Mage – are.

– Although these cards are great at helping to forge a slower Constructed game, they’re broken in Arena because deck power levels tend to be lower. The difference between a good Mage deck and a good Mage deck with Frost Lich Jaina is enormous, and negates player skill.

– The first couple of cards you get are from a new synergy pool, and while some classes have these new Hero cards in that pool, others don’t. Given that you’re going to get a Rare or better card in your first pick – and there’s greater weighting towards class cards from the new expansion – you are going to see a lot of Mage and Warlock in Arena.

– The Discovery mechanic is a problem because it provides high-value cards in a low-power game mode. The Hero cards are part of that Discovery pool, and so consider how a previously OK card like Kabal Courier now gives you three chances to get a Hero card, and for a class you don’t necessarily even belong to!

In conclusion, Kripp argues that these cards should not just be banned from the drafting phase, but also from the Discovery pool – in other words, completely eliminated from the format, with no possibility of appearing in this area of the game in any way.

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What do you think about the inclusion of Hero cards in Hearthstone’s Arena? Should they be banned from appearing in the format by any method, or just excluded from the drafting phase? Are you happy with the system as it currently stands?

Take a moment to vote in the poll below, and we’d love to hear your thoughts in more detail in the comments.

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