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Silence Priest deck list guide – July 2017 – Hearthstone


Our guide to playing the new Silence Priest deck that's hit the Un'Goro metagame.

Our Silence Priest deck list guide features the best Saviors of Uldum deck list for Season 65 of Hearthstone (August 2019). Our Silence Priest guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

Silence Priest is a Hearthstone deck that takes advantage of all the silencing effects available in the game but makes themselves the target so that they can turn otherwise useless minions such as Ancient Watcher into fighting powerhouses.

In Saviors of Uldum, we expect to see Silence Priest continue to hold an average placing in the tier list. Even though it’s not one of the strongest in the game, it’s definitely one of the most unique decks and worth a play if you’re in the mood for something different that still has a fighting shot of winning.

With that in mind, our Silence Priest guide has the best deck list currently seeing play right now in Hearthstone. Further on you’ll also find all the strategy advice you’ll need to get started, as well as more specific tips on the Mulligan phase and a breakdown of the important card combos in the deck.


Saviors of Uldum didn’t bring a whole lot to the table with regards to this deck, so it remains to be seen whether Silence Priest can gain any strength in the coming months:

Priest Neutral
2 x Circle of Healing 2 x Ancient Watcher
2 x Silence 2 x Wild Pyromancer
2 x Power Word: Shield 2 x Upgradeable Framebot
2 x Inner Fire 1 x Sunfury Protector
2 x Northshire Cleric 1 x Dalaran Librarian
2 x Divine Spirit 2 x Arcane Watcher
2 x Extra Arms 2 x Faceless Rager
1 x Hench-Clan Shadequill 1 x Acolyte of Pain
1 x Unsleeping Soul 1 x SN1P-SN4P

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAa0GBvsG+wyDlAOHlQOCnQOftwMM+ALdBOUE9gelCdEK0gryDOX3ApH7Aq6bA8idAwA=

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General strategy

At the most basic level, the strategy behind Silence Priest involves playing many of Hearthstone’s bulky minions that come with huge downsides (such as being unable to attack) and then negating those issues with a Silence effect so the minion become much more useful.

Even though the deck also relied a lot on the Divine Spirit and Inner Fire combo to bulk up its minions even more, the loss of Shadow Visions in the latest set rotation has made this strategy far less consistent. Even still, both spells are included in this version of the deck for Rise of Shadows and is one of the main ways you hope to win the game.

Early game:

The early game is mostly a set up phase for Silence Priest. You’ll want to start dropping some of your restricted minions and wait until the opportunity to Silence them comes up so you can actually start using them. For the most part, your opponent may leave creatures such as Ancient Watcher alone while they are ineffective, as the resources they must commit to take them out are usually way above the card’s value – especially if buffed with a Power Word: Shield.

Mid game:

You can start to generate a threatening board at this stage of the game. Arcane Watcher and Hench-Clan Shadequill are significant dangers when silenced as their stats far outweigh their cost. Dropping a Dalaran Librarian between two limited minions makes for a very powerful tempo play as well and can really extend your lead in a match.

Late game:

There is a danger of running out of steam at this phase of a game but you should continue to find ways to create giant minions. Your opponent may now be running out of ways to remove them efficiently which will put you in a winning position. A spell such as Unsleeping Soul is a perfect way to crush your opponent’s spirit by summoning a copy of your biggest threat so far too. You can use this before or after buffing your chosen creature with the Divine Spirit and Inner Fire combo depending on if you feel you need more bigger minions to bash through your opponent’s life total.

Aggro opponents

These tips and tricks will help you beat aggro decks on ladder:

  • 1. With your high health minions you can get some incredible value by trading into at least two or three of your opponent’s weaker creatures.
  • 2. Once you’ve built up a particularly strong single creature or two it might be worth going to face instead of trading as your opponent will have to commit multiple cards just to bring your hefty minions down.
  • 3. You might want to consider running a Sunfury Protector in the deck to give you a better shot against aggro, as a large Taunt minion can cause serious issues for them.
  • 4. If you don’t want to run that card, you can still stall aggro using Witchwood Grizzly. It’ll stop some face damage and also destroy an opponent’s spirit when they see the amount of Health they need to get through!

Control opponents

Here’s how to best Control opponents:

  • 1. Do not sink all of your resources into a single minion. With all the removal options available to Control you may end up leaving yourself with few backup plays.
  • 2. Using a Silence on an opposing minion is a perfectly OK strategy too, especially if it gets rid of a Taunt so you can push for more damage.
  • 3. You can take you time a little in the early game against control to focus on drawing cards with Northshire Cleric.
  • 4. Try to avoid playing Hench-Clan Shadequill unless you can Silence it on the same turn. Those extra five points of healing will be extremely useful to the survival of a control deck, so it’s best to deny them.

Silence Priest Mulligan guide

We have temporarily removed our Mulligan advice until we have a better idea of the Saviors of Uldum meta.

  • 1. Ancient Watcher: An excellent two-drop that can cause serious problems for your opponent if silenced early as it’s tough to remove at that stage of the game.
  • 2. Northshire Cleric: A great way to get some card draw early or contest opening drops on the board.
  • 3. Arcane Watcher: Similar to Ancient Watcher, this is another strong minion that can be a serious problem for your opponent if silenced early.
  • 4. Dalaran Librarian: Not a priority hold but worth doing so if you have a couple of minions you want to silence in your opening hand too for a fast start.

Silence Priest tips, combos and synergies

Here are the most important combos that are available to you if you pilot this version of Silence Priest!

– The classic Divine Spirit and Inner Fire combo allows you to drastically buff a minion’s Health and then convert that into Attack power. This means you can create some huge creatures that may even defeat your opponent in one hit!

Northshire Cleric draws you a card whenever a minion is healed. With a busy enough board you can potentially draw a lot of cards by dropping Circle of Healing into play.

– When you drop Dalaran Librarian between two “dead” minions, the silencing effect will cause their restrictions to evaporate! Just make sure you don’t accidentally apply any buffs to the targets first…

– Good targets for silencing and boosting are Ancient Watcher, Arcane Watcher and Hench-Clan Shadequill.

Circle of Healing isn’t only great for just topping up damaged minions, but you can also use it along with Northshire Cleric and Wild Pyromancer or Acolyte of Pain in order to draw a mad number of cards.

Faceless Rager can be an extremely chunky three-drop if you target its effect on almost any of your high health creatures and then it’ll represent some serious trade value. Be careful not to Silence it after, though!

Silence Priest card choices and substitutions

There are a few very important cards to Silence Priest so read on below as we highlight them all for you:

  • Silence: Considering the name of this deck there’s no surprise this is an important card. Allows you to wipe away those negative effects from your creatures and use them to swing for damage.
  • Inner Fire: Once you’ve buffed a minion’s Health using Divine Spirit you can follow up with this Spell to make their Attack the same value to create a giant creature.
  • Northshire Cleric: Can be a powerful card draw engine as you buff and heal minions throughout the game.
  • Ancient Watcher: One of the minions you’ll want to target in the early game with a silence effect. Useless until then, but its stats far outweigh the mana cost if you can use them.
  • Dalaran Librarian: Has the potential to give you an incredible strong tempo play by silencing a pair of minions at once.
  • Divine Spirit: You’ll want to play this before Inner Fire in order to buff a minion’s Health extremely high so their resulting Attack power is equally absurd.
  • Arcane Watcher: A minion that has huge stats for the mana cost but the downside of not being able to attack until certain conditions are met. With a silence effect that restriction is gone.
  • Unsleeping Soul: You can target your restricted minions with this so they’re capable of attacking while also getting the added bonus of another copy on the board.
  • Witchwood Grizzly: Even though its Health will take a hit when played, there’s still a lot there that can be buffed up with Divine Spirit and then converted to Attack with Inner Fire to make a imposing threat.

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