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Sombra hacking guide – Overwatch


Everything she can and can't hack in the game.

Like a lot of people, we’ve been spending an awful lot of the last 48 hours playing a great deal of the new content being tested on the Overwatch PTR. We’ve not spent nearly as much time though, it seems, with Sombra as Reddit user bustedmagnets who has put together an exceptionally detailed report on how the new hero’s hacking skills interact with all of the other heroes in the game!

They’ve very kindly allowed us to reproduce this breakdown here on geeksplatform for your benefit, and you can also catch up with the latest discussion points by jumping over to the relevant Reddit thread. If you’ve found this information useful, do pop over there and show your appreciation!

A quick note on the terminology being used here before we start. Where the word “card” is mentioned, this refers to any abilities associated with the hero that are not passive. Don’t forget about health pack hacking too!

Don’t forget to check out our massive Sombra guide for general gameplay tips and strategy advice.

Hacking: Genji, McCree, Pharah, Reaper, Soldier: 76, Sombra, Tracer


  • Ult cannot be stopped by EMP or Hack.
  • All cards disabled.
  • Passives (wall climb and double jump) still function.


  • Ult IS stopped by both hack and EMP.
  • All cards disabled. (Including even combat roll.)
  • Passive (Fan The Hammer) still functions.
  • Dead Eye: If Sombra is already invisible, the Dead Eye will not target Sombra.
  • Dead Eye: If Sombra goes invisible after Mccree has begun his dead eye, he will lose targeting on her if she completes the invisibility.


  • Ult IS stopped by both hack and EMP.
  • All cards disabled.
  • Passive (Right click/spacebar Thrusters) still functions. (If you EMP her after a Jump Jet, she can still stay in the air by holding/tapping space.)
  • Concussive Blast: The concussion blast does zero damage, so therefore it will not take Sombra out of invisibility.


  • Ult IS stopped by both hack and EMP.
  • All cards disabled.
  • Passive (Soul collection) still functions.
  • Shadowstep: Reaper is immune to being hacked while he is in Wraith Form.

Soldier: 76

  • Ult cannot be stopped by either hack or EMP.
  • All cards disabled. (Including Helix Rockets.)
  • Tactical Visor: The visor will not target an invisible Sombra.
  • Tactical Visor: If Sombra tries to go invisible while being targeted by Soldiers Ultimate, it will immediately cancel the invisibility.


  • Ult cannot be stopped by either hack or EMP.
  • All cards disabled.
  • Her passive (seeing enemies with low health through the walls, has immense range, in fact, I believe it’s infinite range. You can always see an enemy with low health across the entire map (this was tested on Eichenwalde, first attacker gate to first defender gate)


  • Ult cannot be (destroyed) by either hack or EMP.
  • All cards disabled.

Hacking: Bastion, Hanzo, Junkrat, Mei, Torbjorn, Widowmaker


  • Ult cannot be stopped by hack or EMP.
  • All cards disabled.
  • Configuration: Sentry: If you hack Bastion while he’s in Sentry mode, it WILL remove him from that mode, and return him to Configuration: Recon mode. This is however NOT true for Config: Tank. The tank can not be stopped or disabled.


  • Ult cannot be stopped by hack or EMP.
  • All cards disabled.
  • Scatter and Sonic Arrows: This ones interesting, but not all that important, if Hanzo has a Scatter or Sonic arrow equipped, but has not fired it, if he is then hacked, he can not return to default arrow or the other special arrow, meaning he would be forced to the arrow as is.
  • Passive (wall climb) still functions.
  • Sonic arrow and invisiblity. This one is interesting. If Hanzo has a Sonic Arrow placed down, and Sombra is invisible, he cannot see Sombra through the walls. However, if she is in line of sight to Hanzo, and within range of a Sonic Arrow, she is visible to Hanzo (and maybe anyone else on the team, we only had the 2 of us.)
  • Dragonstrike: If you attempt to hack a Hanzo in the middle of casting his ultimate, you can not hack him in time. By the time the hack is complete, the Dragons are already on their way. BUT: if you try to cast Dragons when you are ALREADY being hacked, it WILL cancel the dragons.


  • Ult can not be stopped (destroyed) by hack or EMP. (We tried to both hack Junkrat and the tire itself, the tire is unhackable, and hacking Junkrat doesn’t stop it. The EMP does not destroy it.)
  • All cards disabled.
  • Concussion Mine: If Junkrat has a Mine placed down, he can NOT blow it up if he’s been hacked. Steel Trap: While in the steel trap, Sombra can NOT use her invisibility or her Translocation. She can, however, still hack.
  • Rip-Tire: If the player holding Junkrat presses Q and begins his ult, (his voice line plays, he pulls out the tire, and winds it up), if you can begin hacking him before he finishes winding it up, it will destroy the tire, and it will eliminate your ult charge.


  • Ult can not be stopped (or destroyed) by hack or EMP.
  • All cards disabled.
  • When Mei is in her Cryo-Freeze, she can not be hacked or EMPed.
  • Cryo-Freeze: If you are attempting to hack Mei, and she enters her Ice Block, it will break the hack, and she won’t be hacked.


  • Ult has both elements. Torbjorn’s Molten Core (increased health and fire rate) cannot be stopped by Hack or EMP. This was double checked, EMP does not affect Torbjorn himself in Molten Core form. But the level 3 Turret can still be stopped by hack and EMP.
  • All cards disabled. (Armor packs already created are not destroyed/removed.)
  • Passive (scrap generation) still functions.
  • The sentry can be hacked, is stops functioning entirely, it also seems to stop functioning for a longer period of time than a hack on a player does.
  • Build Turret: If one turret is hacked, and then another is placed down, the new turret is not hacked.
  • EDITORS NOTE: So in trying to test how to hack the turret as Sombra, we had a lot more difficult. It appears in our first test we found the very perfect spot where I could target the turret to hack it, but it couldn’t target me. It is not as easy as I had previously lead others to believe.


  • Ult cannot be stopped by hack or EMP.
  • All cards disabled.
  • Widowmakers Ultimate acts interestingly with Sombras invisibility, but not the same as Hanzos. Widowmaker CAN still see Sombra through walls, even while Invisible, but also has the ability of being able to see Sombra while invisible in line of sight. So it would seem Widowmakers Ult is a hard counter to Sombras invisibility.
  • Grappling Hook: If a Sombra were to be able to hack a Widowmaker while she is mid grapple, it will immediately cancel the grappling hook. Note: I think it’s gonna be a rare occasion where this happens naturally.

Our most popular Overwatch guides:

Hacking: D.Va, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Winston, Zarya


  • Ult (Call Mech) cannot be stopped by hack or EMP.
  • Ult (Self Destruct) cannot be stopped by hack or EMP.
  • All cards disabled (including Defense Matrix.)
  • Boosters: If is hacked while using her Boosters, it WILL cancel them, and knock her out of the sky.
  • Defense Matrix: Dvas defense matrix will NOT absorb a thrown Translocator beacon. I feel as though this may be an oversight, as Dvas defense matrix can absorb every other thrown item in the game.
  • Self Destruct: You can not prevent a “thrown” self destruct. You can not hack an empty mech, so therefore you can’t stop its trajectory. You can also not EMP it out of the sky, it becomes immune to Sombra once empty.


  • Ult cannot be stopped by hack or EMP.
  • All cards disabled.
  • Charge: This is a fun one! You can hack Reinhardt out of a charge! If you catch him mid charge (not on you for obvious reasons) you can stop him mid charge. Great way to save your team mates! His shield CAN be hacked to no longer function. However you can not hack THROUGH the shield. Must hack behind him.
  • Barrier Field: If an EMP is detonated anywhere within range of Reinhardt and his shield, the shield will be destroyed (negated to 0 shield health), and anyone behind it within range IS still hacked.
  • Barrier Field: The field can not be stuck “on” by using Toggle Barrier Field. It will always be disabled.
  • Earthshatter: If Reinhardt is in mid air when casting his ult, and is hacked or EMPed on the way down, the animation, and therefore the ultimate, will still be cast. Editors Note: There simply isn’t enough time. From the range you can hack a player, and how long it takes to cast, by the time the Rein hits the ground, the hack won’t be activated, or it will be simultaneous and it appears a tie goes to the Ult-er.


  • Ult is stopped by both hack and EMP.
  • All cards disabled.
  • Take a Breather: If hacked while self-healing, he will STOP self healing immediately.
  • Chain Hook: We thought maybe like Reinhardts charge you could stop his hook mid action, you can not.


  • Ult cannot be stopped by hack or EMP.
  • All cards disabled.
  • Barrier Projector: If someone Ults inside the bubble, with enemies on the outside (or she Ults on the outside with people on the inside), the barrier will be completely destroyed AND all players inside will be hacked.


  • Ult cannot be stopped by hack or EMP.
  • All cards disabled.
  • Particle/Projected Barrier: If you are in the middle of being hacked, and you activate your partical barrier it will end the hack.
  • Particle Barrier: If Sombra uses her EMP while Zaryas barrier(s) are active. It will destroy the Barrier, it will give Zarya the full charge for that Barrier destruction (40%?) and it will NOT remove Shields of the players underneath including Zarya herself. (Credit u/MapleNinja)
  • Particle/Projected Barrier: Anyone underneat a Bubble that is hit by an EMP will not be affected by the EMP. The bubble will be destroyed, which will give Zarya the 40% charge, but the player underneath will NOT be hacked, and they will not lose any shielding.

Hacking: Ana, Lucio, Mercy, Symmetra, Zenyatta


  • Ult cannot be stopped by hack or EMP.
  • All cards disabled.


  • Ult cannot be stopped (negated) by hack.
  • Ult IS negated by EMP.
  • If you activate EMP after Lucio has used Sound Barrier, all players with additional shielding will have the shielding stripped.
  • All cards disabled.
  • Crossfade: Lucio can not use Crossfade when hacked. However this also means that if Lucio is currently on speed boost, and is then hacked, he can not switch BACK to healing.
  • Crossfade: If you use the “hold to crossfade” option in Lucios custom controls, this effectively negates the hack of Lucio in terms of crossfade. If you are holding shift for speed boost, then are hacked, and then RELEASE shift, you will still return to healing as normal. It is HIGHLY LIKELY this is a bug/oversight by the developers and will be fixed. (Credit u/yodudeyodude)
  • Passive (Wallride) still functions.
  • Soundbarrier: If Lucio is in mid air when casting his ult, and is either hacked OR EMPed on the way down, it will cancel the ult from being cast and negate it completely.


  • Ult cannot be stopped by hack or EMP.
  • All cards disabled.
  • Caduceus Staff: Primary fire (heal beam) and secondy fire (damage boost) are NOT disabled. (Note: u/neck_crow pointed out that the Heal Beam and Damage Boost beam of Mercy have very small cards/indicators next to her Guardian Angel card. I wanted to point out that these are NOT disabled.)
  • Passives (Angelic Descent and Health Regeneration) still function.


  • Ult cannot be stopped (destroyed) by hack or EMP.
  • All cards disabled.
  • Sentry Turret: Sentry turrets can not be hacked, and they can’t even be destroyed by EMP. They will still function fully as normal.


  • Ult cannot be stopped by hack or EMP.
  • All cards disabled.
  • Orb of Discord: If Zen puts a Discord Orb on Sombra, if Sombra goes invisible, the Discord Orb REMAINS on Sombra, however, the icon above her head (that can be used to see an enemy even through walls) is also invisible. But she will remain Discorded if she comes out of Invisibility in your LoS.

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