StarLadder Berlin Major Viewer Pass now available in CS:GO


Watch the upcoming Major and earn exclusive rewards.

The StarLadder Berlin Major is fast approaching, and to celebrate its impending arrival Valve has released The Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass.

Purchase a Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass for $12.99 (or three for $19.99), and you’ll gain exclusive access to new challenges, cosmetic rewards and the fan favourite ‘Pick’Em Challenge’ as the tournament progresses.

With a Viewer Pass you’ll also get a Berlin 2019 Event Coin which you can upgrade by completing challenges, and getting stuck into the Pick’Em Challenge. Every time you level up your Coin, you’ll earn a Souvenir Token that can be redeemed for a Souvenir Package from the match of your choice.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Viewer Pass without the cosmetic extras. Team Graffiti and Team Flairs return, as well as Team Stickers which you slap on your guns to rep your favourite teams and players.

A complete breakdown of all the challenges and rewards for the Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass can be found over on the official CS:GO blog post. Keep an eye on the site for Major coverage too!

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