Talespin leaves Team EnVyUs – Overwatch


Conflicting messages from EnVyUs and Talespin confirm departure.

Fans of competitive Overwatch might be surprised to learn that popular player and streamer Talespin (real name Ronnie Dupree) has departed Team EnVyUs. The news was revealed on EnVyUs’ weekly video bulletin – The Blueprint – which you can view below.

The announcement comes around 50 seconds into the video.

There was initially little detail behind the announcement, with presenter Kat Gunn confirming only that Dupree’s departure had come about from a desire to “pursue opportunities outside of gaming.”

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Talespin later took to Twitter, however, to state that he wasn’t happy wiht life on the team, later highlighting a percieved lack of equal commitment from his teammates. In what proved to be a very balanced statement, however, he also took the opportunity to praise the team’s management and players.

Put this one down to conflicting priorities, then, rather than deeper animosity. For it’s part, Team EnVyUs has confirmed that it is seeking a replacement for Talespin.

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