Tavern Brawl brings back Deathstalker Rexxar and Build-a-Beast


Let the hunt begin.

Rise of the Zombeasts puts players in the soft, furry Ugg boots of Deathstalker Rexxar and a discounted Build-A-Beast Hero Power. The latest Tavern Brawl tests players’ ability to be creative and adapt to the game situation by building the perfect beast for their given situation.

Each player begins the game with 20 health and a 0 mana Build-A-Beast ability. You’ll want to be careful to keep your Health total up with Lifesteal and Taunt minions, as the enemy could easily bash you with a huge Charge beast, rendering all your hard work null and void.

The usual Tavern Brawl rewards are available here, with a single Classic pack available for your first win.

If you’re looking for more Hearthstone with a twist on the Standard format, check out our guides on the Tombs of Terror, the latest single-player content to release!

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