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Tavern Brawl guide – Hearthstone


Essential guides for winning more games in each week's Tavern Brawl.

It’s been far too long since we updated our Tavern Brawl guide, and with the weekly event growing in popularity we thought it was high time we went back and comprehensively reworked our hub page for everything related to this very experimental – and fun – aspect of Hearthstone

Beginning this week, you’ll be able to jump to this page and find links to the latest Tavern Brawl that’s current live in the game. Within these pages you’ll find plenty of tips and strategy advice for beating each encounter, and these pages will be available for you to peruse permanently if you’d like. Blizzard tends to cycle through these events from time to time, and re-use old content, but we’ll always make sure it’s clear what’s live right now.

The way we plan to structure each individual guide is pretty simple. For a start we’ll have an outline of the challenge at hand, and then we’ll provide some very general gameplay tips to help you get ready for your first encounter. If the event in question requires you to choose between pre-made decks, we’ll make a recommendation for which one to pick, or we’ll provide tried and tested deck lists if you need to make your own but aren’t really sure where to start.

Regardless of whether you want to mess around with the format for the whole week, or you just want to get in there and win your free weekly pack as rapidly as possible before going back to the ladder or Arena, we’ll make sure you have all of the information you need to get the job done. As always, we’re really keen to hear of your own strategies and deck lists in the comments so we can consider them for the guide.

If you’re relatively new to Hearthstone and aren’t really sure what all of the fuss is about, then further down this page you’ll find some useful information about how the format actually works!

Update: The latest Brawl to be released for Hearthstone is called Boss Battle Royale and hit the servers on 25th January. In this Brawl, each hero is assigned a specific Adventure boss, and you’ll do battle with that character against another boss.

Current Tavern Brawl:

Previous Brawls

What are Tavern Brawls?

Tavern Brawl is a mode that was introduced to Hearthstone just over a year ago. These weekly events present you with a unique and challenging set of playing circumstances which you’ll need to overcome.

You might, for example, have to use a specific deck to beat your competitor, or have to create a deck of your own that adheres to very specific requirements before you can head into battle. The challenge itself will reset on a weekly basis, although they do repeat from time to time.

When do Tavern Brawls unlock?

Below are the Tavern Brawl unlock times for your local region.


Opens: 10pm CEST, Wednesday

Closes: 6am CEST, Monday


Opens: 9am PST, Wednesday

Closes: 3am PDT, Monday


Opens: 5am CST, Thursday

Closes: 6am CST, Monday

Korea / Taiwan

Opens: 6am KST, Thursday

Closes: 7am KST, Monday

How much does it cost to enter Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawls?

Unlike the game’s Arena mode, it won’t cost you anything in terms of either Gold or real money to participate in the Tavern Brawl system. You will, however, need to have reached Level 20 in order to unlock the option to get stuck into the action. This won’t be a huge barrier of entry by any means, even for very new players.

What are the rewards for competing in Tavern Brawls?

You will receive a free Classic card pack for the first match you win each week. You can only receive this reward once in any given event. If all you care about is bagging your free pack before moving on, just try to win a match as quickly as possible.

If your Gold reserves are running a little low, you’ll be pleased to know that you can work towards Daily Quests in Tavern Brawls, and there is in fact a relatively new quest that challenges you to win five matches in this mode.

Note as well that successful Tavern Brawl matches contribute towards the gold you receive for winning three games.

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