Teamfight Tactics is getting a second Beta Pass


It's due to arrive with patch 9.16.

In its latest blog post, Riot has confirmed that the first chapter of the Beta Pass will come to a close between 23rd – 29th July depending on which region you are based in. The next Beta Pass is then due to arrive with patch 9.16.

Here’s when the first Beta Pass will end:

  • JP: July 23 – 22:59 BST
  • OCE: July 23 – 20:59 BST
  • TR/RU: July 24 – 23:59 BST
  • PH/TH/SG: July 25 – 21:59 BST
  • BR: July 26 – 17:59 BST
  • NA/KR/TW/VN/LAN/LAS/EUNE/EUW: July 29 -16:59 BST

The next Beta Pass will contain “similar missions and prizes to the first”, but Riot does add that it’ll “probably shake things up a bit after that.”

Currently, players who complete daily and weekly missions earn EXP which levels up the Beta Pass. Each level grants a cosmetic reward, with the first being a Little Legend egg and subsequent levels awarding new player icons and emotes. It’s pretty sparse, though, with only ten tiers and a laborious grind required to reach each one.

As for future gameplay rewards, Riot is “still figuring out the longer-term progression system”, but it’s likely the third iteration of the “Battle Pass” will arrive with the first proper Teamfight Tactics season and contain plenty more goodies to earn.

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